Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New life for Julia is not an easy transition. Had to go back to the orphanage and speak to the director and Dr for some medicine for her, fortunatly they saw her in an extreme state of irritability, aggression, self injury, screaming, destructive, crying, head banging why I felt she would need "something"as she was on meds before while there. The Dr got a script filled, and it's a strong psych med, and a sedative for the train and plane. Juliia is very good at the flop and drop to the ground, and have a tantrum. I was out with her on the corner of the street, right outsie ofhe great the apt driveway, Julia has a fit, hits the ground, screaming. some woman in her 60's approaches me, "mama, no, point to Julia, while waving her finger at me! I was in no mood after battling with Julia, and did what my mom did to us when little, gritted my teeth, squinted my eyes, and yelled at her, DA, is yes in Russian and waved my finger at her, she looked a little scared, said to her "English" "no", so I just said out loud, than mind your own damn business. She took off pretty quick. How obnoxious is that? After that I ran into the nice elderly man that lives in this apt bldg, he always had a smile for us, even when Frank and the kids were here. knowa we don't speak Russian.. He saw me, must see Julia in extreme freak out mode, doing the flop and drop. He always says hello in Russian to me, andsmiles. Today he said "mama, pointed to Julia, and did the "amen"sign, and pointed at me. I knew he meant "God Bless you" and your patience, smiled and went on his way. That made me feel better. Julia did great today in the stroller, there's a bar across the front, she can hold on to it, and cen't do a houdini with loose joints to get to the belt, don't think she knows how to unbuckle. We walked out for about 30 mins before our ride came. So nice to have her in that, my back is getting tired of carrying her, just to get to point A to point B. No screaming, which mde life easier. I have all ready contacted our sons Psych at Childrens-Boston for an appt or Julia, as he has agreed to have her as a patient. The great news is...we are going home on friday, leave at 355pm from Kiev to London, London to Boston. Should land about 9:30-9:45 in boston. God bless the USA!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here I am in my 3rd week in Ukarine. We landed Juy 7, SDA appt in Kiev, flew on to Kharkov, Ukraine and met Julia (AKA Ginger) on July 9. Did papers, court was July 21 where we granted to adopt her, and had the 10 days waitig period waived. Frank and the kids went home July 22. went out to the airport when they left. We talked about me staying here when they went home. Froday, the 24th the orphanage eleased her to me. I have their support, and if I need them, don't hesitate to call. We have been together since friday. I have taught her the ref sign for touchdown, the chicken dance, she understands no, and think she is understanding me whn I speak to her, maybe it's the tone of my voice. Even though she has been with me for only 2 days, she is coming out of her shell, only took a few tries before she could almost hold a pen corretly, can draw straight lines, is fiesty, can have major tantrums, yells and screams pretty well for a non verbal child, maybe words are just waiting to come out. She says "dada" well. Have had her walking around the block a few times, and climbing te 5 flights of stairs to the apt, like a 6 yr old toddler. Guess we'll go take another walk around the block, may rain soon. The more energy she burns the better for me later.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We're leavin' on a jet plane...can't believe it's really time. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers for uneventful flight(s), quick and smooth process, as we bring Ginger home for her new life.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today is the day to almost finish off packing. Gingers clothes are packed, I'm buying one more backpack, go buy some summer socks, just keep out 2 outfits we can just wash over for the next few days. We're dropping off our dog, and 2 cats tomorrow for boarding. We have such a sweet dog, Sophie is a 6 yr black lab/austrilain shephard, I know i'll cry leaving her, but she'll be fine. Our friends dropped off their dog at the same place, so they will check on Sophie when they pick up their dog, and may go check on her a few times. Speaking of crying, first time I see Ginger next week, I'll be crying. I get teary thinking of that now, and still at home. Here comes more thunder storms and torrential rain, same s#$@ differant day, I think the last time the sun was out here was about 2 wks ago, probably longer. I was told that Mass had 4 days of sun in the month of June, same thing for the first 2 days of July. The temp yesterday was a "balmy" 63, it's like fall, and poured. At least we will find summer in Eastern Europe, been on weather.com, Murphys law for us, it will clear up once we fly out.