Friday, February 11, 2011

10 days ago, Julia had an appt with the hep RN and the liver Dr for her 6m post treatment appt and labs. Her labs were a little off, nothing out of the norm. The Dr was really waiting for the viral level to come back, flt that since Julia had done so well and responded favorably with the 6m treatment we had done last year, we all were positive that the virus was gone. the Dr got that lab back 3 days ago, it is not meant to be. the virus is back in Julias system. We are now looking at another 48-49 wks or 11 monthes of another round of treatment. The Dr, RN, my husband and I thought this would all work out in Julias favor, just really sucks. The Dr figured that the DNA of the virus she has, is one of the easier to treat. wonder if it's Julias funky self. She stops treatment, does the virus just start regenerating itself, her metabolism, anotomy and/or physiology of her liver? Maybe she needs a liver ultrasound or scan? I was stressed, stunned, and crying a few days ago about this. Just start up treatment again soon and keep praying. Her thyroid came back high as well this lab. this level fluctuates between high and normal every other lab, normal, high, normal, high, etc. I got an appt for Julia March 9. Always something.