Friday, October 8, 2010

And...will soon have Juilias blood sugar and urine checked for diabetes, as she wants to drink, drink, and drink some more, and urinates ALOT to the point of her pj's are wet nearly every monring, even though we have her use the toilet before she goees to bed. Not sure if it's becasue she has unlimited liquids, I do dilute the juice, lemonade, so it's 75% water. In her previous life, she was probabaly thirsty all the time, not anymore. She will suck down an 8 oz cup in about 15 mins, and want more. Also since she will be 8 next month, yearly labs will be coming up, thyroid (TSH), CBC (complete blood count) hematology labs, and thalassemia (genetic anemia issue). Her labs were so out of whack from the Hep meds, but that was done nearly 6 wks ago so it should be out of her system. Always something, TGIF!
Julias IEP meeting went well. I'll send an e mail to the Psych Dr for an order for more speech at school. Matt got a 100% on his first test at school, he was so proud of himself, we were too. Ashley is doing better in math so far. We had a scare a few days ago about Julia, this is why. 12 days ago Julia had her 5m scoliosis/ortho x rays. I figured, I'll leave message at the Ortho Dr office, check on how they came out. I get a call the next day "this is Dr Z office, Julias ortho x rays are ok, can you call us back". I thought, oh crap, they don't ask you to call back unless something is wrong, that's what I immediatly thought of. I called back, seems there is a spot on Julias lung, and Dr z all ready ordered a chest x ray, he wants you to have this done ASAP, tomorrow. I thought I was going to barf, a spot on her lung, got all teary. She has been through so much in the short 7 yrs of life. The worse came to mind...lung cancer. Called the Pedi after having the x ray done, he said call Childrens hosp for pulmonary, go from there. finally I speak with Ortho, who had consulted with radiology, the "something" on Julias left lung, is an odd shaped blood vessel, that protrudes out, a 2mm circle on the end, he said it does not look like a tumor, we'll keep an eye on it, she needs scoliosis x rays every few monthes anyway. consult with pulmonary and get their opinion. Phew! We were very scared, HUGE sigh of relief, doesn't look like a tumor. She also has diminished lung volume, so that should be checked too by pulmonary. I called the wonderful woman that helps to run the DS clinic at Childrens-Boston, got the name of the pulmonary Dr they reccommend, and Julia has an appt with him Nov 4, at 8am. Frank will love that, getting Ashley and Matt ready and out the door for school, I have to admit, I crank with the morning routine. The 3 kids are doing well, go bring Sophie (sweet dog) in, she's out barking her head off, probabaly at the multitude of chipmunks and squarils we have this year.