Sunday, December 27, 2009

The peace didn't last too long, Julia threw the book, Matt yelled at her because she was trying to hit his DVD palyer while he was watching it, and Ashley couldn't find the charger for her Nintendo DS player. On Franks job search, he took a month long contracting position about 15 mins from home. We're hoping and praying the new year will bring a job quickly. Julias mouth is starting to have a funky odor as her teeth are trashed, with decay, plague, and a couple rotten teeth, will call insurance again, ask the PEdi and the dentist/oral surgeon have to write a letter of medical neccasity to the insurance company to cover the hospital, OR, anesthesia, etc. The dental part alone, we will have to pay almost $900, can't swing it right now. This will need to be covered by insurance and the dental plan in order to happen soon. Oh yeah, Julia also recently had her first eye exam, was extrmemely difficult. We didn't see the Pedi eye Dr as he was booked up, and than he is going to an eye cinic in India for the poor for about a month or 6 wks. Seh had just an eye exam, Julia fouhgt so hard the entire appt that the optomitrist could tell she as near sighted, could tell she needed glasses, but couldn't get the exact prescription as Julia was brutal. Possibly why she would crash into things, can't see far away, and than things as walls, posts, and other objects just seem to appear out of no where, she felt that Julia sees blurry a few feet beyond her personal space. At least one good thing, her retinas were fine, sicne Hep C can damage the retinas. Guess I should get moving, as the 3 banshies are complaining of hunger. going to repaint the kitchen walls today, a tan color, called mochachinno, speaking of Mochachino, time for more coffee. Go Patriots, afternoon game, Boston Celtics tonite.
This year has really gone by fast. Since I was last here what has been going on with all of us. Matt was diagnosed with mild hearing loss in his left ear at his failed hearing test a few weeks ago. We knew he had mild hearing loss in the right ear, but I was really bothered by this, had a long chat with the audiologist, who asked me if she wanted to also page ENT to chat with him. I know the ENT Dr and the audiologists that take care of Matt do the best they can for him, and they really care about him, so that's a good thing. It also scares me because of Matts ADHD-impulsivity, he can also be a bolter, and if he can't hear me well, can be oppositional, stubborn, ornary, or acts up to "funny guy" it can be VERY scary. "Funny guy" is what we sometimes call him when he thinks he is just so funny, has hysterical laughter, and is out of control. As For Christmas, we got our tree about 3 wks ago, cut it down at a local tree farm. Julia didn't last long looking for trees, threw tantrums, crying, sulking, so I brought her back to the van, and Frank, Ashley, and Matt chose a nice tree. Julia had no desire in looking at it, no desire to try to decorate it, we were able to do hand over hand for one ornament, that was the end of that. she had absolutly no interest, like it's not even here. Had no idea what to get her for presents, ended up with a large pad of crayola paper, crayons, toy cars with lights and sounds, clothes, dress up clothes. she got alot of ncie gifts from families. Her best gift was food and more food. We had an early Christmas at my sis in laws house, all Julia cared about was food and more food. Christmas Eve at my sis, and Christmas day at home, she would get dispondent if the adults took the chairs at the table and she couldn't get to the goodies on the table. notorious for tantrums, crying, yelling, throw herself on the floor, hitting, pushing, if she can't get to the food. We think she would eat until she would throw up from being so full. I realize the medication she is on makes her feel hungry, but we still think she would continue on until vomiting from eating non stop, and she is at risk for chocking as she shovels and doesn't chew alot of the time, has to be watched while eating. So, on to school, the SPED teacher doesn't feel that she is "appropriate" to access the full day curriculum. We want her to go to school all day, she is 7, even though she has the mentality of a 18 month old, so I will contact the SPED district person to see what our options are. Getting an aide for Julia in the morning, is a hell of alot cheaper than sending her to school out of town, she loves school too. she is making so many new sounds, she is ULTRA busy, and never stops moving, even if sitting, she is moving some part of her body. Ashley is doing great, think she had another growth spurt, I really enjoy being with her, she's awesome, like when we have Ashley-mom time. Life is good, Julia is "reading" a board book and babbling, Ashley has her nintendo DS playing it, Matt has the Wizard of Oz on his new portable DVD player playing, life is good.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Julia is doing much better, back to the sippy cup, toilet training is back to no where, but it's ok, jst keep trying. She has been in such great mood, laughing, smiling. Maybe since her throat doesn't hurt, she's back to school, loves her teacher and aide. Yesterday I was mad, not at her, but another mom and her kid at Childdrens Hosp-satellite. Matt was having a hearing test, and we were waiting his tuirn, Julia was with me too. She goes in a playroom, completly in my vision, about 7 ft away. This kid and his mom were in there, the kid pushes her, she pushes back, the kid backs off. I reprimand her, the other mom say6s nothing, he kicks her in the butt, she says nothing. I walked in the play room, got her, and said to the mom, tell you kid to keep his hands to himself, as she has said nothing. So, I keep Julia away from the little PITA, and they get called to go in, the Dr seeing them, has the kid come over to Julia and apologize, the kid has a fit, screaming, NO! We than get called, and the Dr with them ask us to wait until the kid apologizes. I looked at the Dr and theb PITAs mom, and said "absolutly not, we will not wait, are you kidding me!" I got Julia and Matt and off we went. Matts hearing test was not good, go into that later as Julia is off to school momentarily.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh yeah, Julias 7th birthday was Nov 16. I know that our kids get so excited about their birthdays. to Julia, just another day, no idea even what a birthday is, got annoyed when we all sang Happy Birthday to her. We knew she probably wouldn't be thrilled, but we wanted to remember it was her birthday, and just that a peice of cake would make her day. My kids want everything for their birthday, and all Julia cared about was a peice of cake, what a comparision. She also lost her first tooth the other night. Fair amount of blood came with it, go into Hep C precaution mode. We got out the gloves, gauze, cleaned up the mess with bleach. Kept the kids clear of Julia for a while, until the bleeding from the tooth stopped. It just really sucks that she has Hep C, sucky contagious liver disease, which we could contract from her blood. Any sign of blood, even a scrape, precaution mode, if it's still light out, we clean up any miniscule sign of blood outside. I hear the 3 Banchies coming, guess quiet time is over.
Julia has done a little bit of regression this week. She has taken off her pants and pull up and squatted and urinated on the floor, at least it wasn't the furniture, on the laminated floor. She wasn't too happy, since we had her clean up her own mess. She is not toilet trained, and this is what she would do at the orphanage, stop where she was, urinates on herself and than move on her way. We thought we were making some preogress, as she had either stood in front of the bathroom door, make some sound to get our attention and we would bring her to the toilet, made the sign for toilet and we would praise her alot and bring her to the bathroom. hopefully this will turn around this week. She will NOT drink out of any cup, she used a sippy, or we would help her with a regular cup. We had used an oral syringe to fill up with juice after her tonsils-adnoids out as to keep her hydrated, since she refused to drink. This is her new mode of drinking, from the syrnige. She will become dehydrated if we don't. She throws a major fit if we even show her any sippy, or regular cup, or glass. She just opens her mouth ike a bird. She loves lemonade, so today we will let her try it again, diluted with 1/2 water. We were told, any citrus juice hold off on, for at least 10 days, been 9 days post op, we'll give it a try. Let her get a taste, and maybe today she will use a cup. She has also been wanting to be fed, and than signs "eat" frantically, but won't pick up the fork, and than has a tantrum. She is able to feed herself, may need a little help here and there. A few times we have caught her just doing a face plant into a plate like our dog would do, nope, and there is another fit. Maybe she is imatating the dog? She has gone back to the begging for food as well, she begs more than the dog. Thought her food issues were finally starting to ease up, back again. Maybe it's still the throat hurting, she can't tell us, maybe this is why she is acting up? Today is the 9th day post op, see what today will bring. We are all going to a benefit hockey game for Mass DS Congress vs The Boston Bruins Alumni. Hopefully Julia won't lose her mind there and maybe actually enjoy herself. As I said, today is another day.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Julia has been quite miserable since saturday. I realize she is hurting from her tonsils out, mad sicne she can't have the crunchy food she likes. She has once again regressed to hitting herself on the head with a an open hand, or punching herself in the head, tantrums lasting for over an hour, crying, screaming, stomping her feet, hitting her head into the furniture pillows, throwing herself at the couch, only once she did try to bang her head into the floor. Goes off an on through out the day. After her recovery from tonsils, if this behavior continues, we will be asking the Psych Dr if she should go back on the med for the morning. She has also been drooling alot, her gait seems to be off some, ? finding a neurologist, as suggested by 3 Dr's. always something!! Now Julia and I are going to go get Matt gluten free donuts.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thurs afternoon after dropping Julia off at school, I went to the store to stock up on popsicles, ice cream, juice, lemonade, etc as fri she was going to have her tonsils-adnoids out, and maybe ear tubes if needed after her impacted ear wax removal. I felt bad for Julia fri morning, as she couldn't eat or drink, except a tiny amount of grapejuice for prevacid (reflux). She was beside herself trying her hardest to steal her siblings breakfast and their glasses. They were good, trying to hide that they were eating before school. She was screaming, crying, hitting her thighs with her hands, tantrums galore. She just didn't understand. Couldn't get her out of the kitchen, like a boomerang, and would be stnding directly behind you, standing in front of the ;frig screaming, hitting it too. So when it was time for Matt to go to school, packed him and Julia up, dropped him off, and she and I headed to Childrens Hosp. She was fine, until we got into the lobby, bagan signing frantically "all done" screaming, hitting her thighs with her hands. It's one of the few places where no one stares at you when your kid is losing their mind and having a breakdown/meltdown. We checked in to pre op, and went to the Entertainment center to play one of the 2 80's pac man machines to play the game. She loves the sounds, and sights of this game, she colored, looked at a few books. Lasted for about 7 mins, than hysteria for about an hour until we went to the OR holding area. The Anesthesiaologist loved Julia, he held her, rocked her in a chair, played a Dora toy with her, walked with her around the waiting area. He was so nice to her, the nurses doted on her too. All the Dr's and nurses were so interested in Julias story, and I told them to go on RR and check out the adorable kids on there. So after all was signed, and I carried her into the OR, was with her until she fell asleep from the gas I left her in awesome capeable hands of the team taking care of her, and the wonderful ENT Dr. Walked out to the parking garage, got our bag for the night in ICU, and a sandwich, I was hungry too, but I couldn't eat or drink in front of Julia, that would be cruel. Back up to the family waiting area. ENT Dr came out an hour later, as he said he would, we chatted, and he said Julia did very well, cleaned out her ears, NO FLUID, NO TUBES. she came out of anesthesia very well. I saw her about 15 mins later, she was wide awake, not freaking out, still a little out of it. She began drinking about 45 mins later, never looked back. UP in ICU, she chowed on jello, numerous popsicles, alot of juice, in the evening had scrambled eggs, cold mashed potatoes. We ended up in cardiac ICU, as that was the only available spot in any of the ICU's. We walked around the floor alot, the staff loved her, asked about her, told her story, one nurse had tears in her eyes, told them to go on RR and check out the kids. The staff loved her, doted on her. We came home yesterday afternoon, and she still is doing well. She hasn't snored loudly when we have checked on her. Maybe some decent, uninterrupted sleep from having her tonsils out will help with her behavior a little, time will tell I guess. this morning, she is herself, panicking in the kitchen, glaring at the 'frig, etc. Next major OR procedure will be her dental work, cross that bridge when we get there.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

I just thought to myself, wow, Julias tonsiladnoidectomy is a week from tomorrow. Maybe than she will be able to breathe better, sleep better and hep get rid of the black circles under her eyes. The Dr told me that her tonsils are extremely large. I learned my lesson of taking Matt home one day after his T&A, just see how she is doing after, but are definativly staying one night in ICU post op, which is fine. ENT said we could stay as long as I felt comfortable to leave with her, and of course, how Julia is doing. When Matt had his out, ENT wrote orders about how I preferd things to go for Matt, and could stay as long as we felt neccasary. Great to have such an awesome Dr on our side. I remember when I asked him if he was taking new pt's before we even traveled to get Julia, he said he wasn't, asked why, and than said as a favor to me he would take her. Anywho, Matt went to Childrens-boston dentist yesterday, seems my charming fellow is in need of OR dental work too. He has severe crowding of his teeth, and no baby teeth are loose, so some may have to be removed to make way for adult teeth. Insurance will love them, they may need to stay in ICU post dental surgery, he with his cardiac status, and her rotten, decaying, plague, cavity filled teeth extensive work. Ashley has nice teeth, and a regular kid dentist office. Ashley had her IEP meeting this morning, that Frank went to, his first school meeting. I'll go to Matts next week. Have to go get one of Ashleys friends a b'day present for a party on saturday. We are going to a Radio disney show, sponsored by the Boston Bruins and childrens-Boston cardioogy for a few hrs saturday, and Ashleys has a party. Guess hit the road, Julia is all ready fidgeting with ehr coat and getting annoyed sicne she is having trouble with it.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Julia and I went to the Psych Dr at Childrens-Boston this morning. He felt that Julia has done so well with transitioning to her new life, picking up signs, going to school, he wants to get her off one dose of risperdal, so she will just have it t night. Hopefullywith this med to help her sleep better, and the tonsils-adnoids coming out to hopfully eradicate snoring and apnea, may help her behavior as she won't be so tired. Another good appt. We also ran into the Developmental-international adoption Dr that was a wonderful help to us last summer when Julia was in crisis upon her arrival, getting meds evaluated for her etc, she thought that Julia was doing great too. We had some time to waste between the psyche appt and pre op, so we went for a walk. Harvard Med school is 2 bldgs over from the hospital, and they have a pretty campus. Last year at this time, whoever would have thought little orphan Julia would be walking through the campus of famous Harvard Medical School with a mom. Off to go get Matt from school, and take him for an eye appt at a Childrens Hosp-satellite. Psych felt that Julia was doing well, he feels that she will be talking well by the time she's 9. On the road again.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can't believe Julia and I came home from Ukraine 3 monthes ago yesterday, that time really went by fast.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Julia had another Dr appt this past monday, with the nephrologist (kidney) Dr, as she has 2-3 kidney infections this spring, and into June before we got her. At least that wasn't a medical surprise. The Dr was so nice, she ordered a renal ultrasound and another test called a VCUG to check for urinary reflux, good appt, Julia will see her again in January. Julias behavior was horrendous that day. Even though she is medicated, her mood swings were unreal, emotions all over. On the way in to the hospital, intermiitant yelling, crying, laughing, banging her head into the back of the car seat repeatedly. Maybe it was becasue of rush hr traffic, I felt like that once in a while while driving in. Here, a 25 mile car trip to ChildrensHosp-Boston, can take nearly 2 hrs, after rush hr I have made it home in about 35-40 mins. I am calling the Pediatrician in a little while, Matt has been sick for almost a week. He was tired last Weds, vomited at 4 am thurs morning, high temp, came down with tylenol, comlained of being tired, intermittant fever, no appetite, pushing him to drink, friday kids didn't have school so didn't count for him missing school. Saturday, he was complaing of a sore throat, cough, cold symptoms, tired. Sunday, he said he felt good, just a cough and runny nose. Felt lousy again yesterday, no school, fever last night same cold stuff and tired, no school again today. He had a 7 yr checkup last fri, and the Dr listned to his lungs, clear then, but that was 5 days ago. Better safe than sorry, and he has a cardiac history as well. The girls don't show any symptoms. Flu or hope not H1N1. My nephew had this recently out in Montana at college, sounded like Matt. Oh yeah, Julia said "eat" 2 days ago, she probably got a good whiff of the bakery-sandwhich shop in the hospital lobby, little food obsessor that she is. She also says "og" (dog) "aw dah" (all done), just learned the sign for yes. Not bad for a child that came from nothing just about 3 monthes ago.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Jlia was aweful quiet for a few mins, and found a big blowout in her pull up. Julia has school tutoring this afternoon, she gets so excited, loves the SPED teacher, will continue until school starts. Mat is doing well in school, went on the bus with his aide on the class trip across town t a colonial house, has a blacksmith shop, crat area, and a barn on the grounds, historical structes depicting colonial time. I volunteered, the kids loved it! When the trip was nearly over, a few of the kids wanted to take pics with, Matt, and the girls in his group wanted a pic with him, he's is quite a ham, nice he is making new friends, since he changed schools. Julia saw the liver Dr this morning, she was so nice. We talked a while about Hep C,and how she thinks Julia may have gotten it. We know the LFTS liver function tests) are elevated, but not too bad yet, had blood work drawn for the genotype of the HCV, to see what med route we ave to take. Dr felt that we can talk more about meds in Jan, after the dust has settled a little more regarding the T&A, and getting her teeth cleaned, extracted, cavities filled, etc. Also had labs done for HIV and syphlis, call the Dr back in a week. Julias lab for a gene,tic anemia disorder, came up on blood work from Sept, since she had mild anemia which was treated by iron supplements, put a call into the Pedi, see what he thinks. Today, while at childrens hosp, soedays they give me a paper with an appt on it, but today they called it "Julias Itinarary" Guess it goews to show how many appts she has coming up. Tomorrow, she and Matt are going to opthamology, he for a return visit, and she a new patient. Have to remmind myself to have the eye Dr chak way back in Julias eyes at the retina, guess Hep c can cause damage to the retna. Geez, almost time to get Matt at school, and get Julia ready to go for her afternoon of schooling.Keep praying for Frank to get a job.
Julia got her new othoticsfor her feet this month, what a differance! She wants to run all the time, and has also learned how to jump. She also picks up spped that she loses her balance and takes alot of spills. We have to be real careful of there is any blood from these wipe outs, scrapes, bloodly lips, loose teeth, etc. Ashley has been to the dentist, and will most likely need braces when she is older. She is having some probs at school with math, and will have another chat with the teacher, which is ok. We really like the rescource room SPED teacher. She and I went to the Boston Garden last saturday with a great friend, her 2 sons, and some other great friends,to see Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, we all had a ball. My friend got tickets, and asked if Ashley would like a break from her 2 younger siblings, so she and I went. I was able to get my hair done that morning, thats always a plus. Last Weds, we had Julias IEP meeting. Originally, the plan was put her in PT kindy, go in the morning to the Early Childhood Center, since there would be only 2 kids in that room in the morning, wouldn't be as crazy, as Julia can get easily over stimulated, nosy, scattered, annoyed and her attention well, somedays are a tiny bit better than others. So after all was said and done, the district SPED person called the following day, and said "before you say anything, hear me out..." I thought to myself, oh no, what's going on now. Se than tells me, that after hearing all the reports, talking with staff and me, she is going to ask the head of SPED if Julia can go to pre school for a year. I'm not getting my hopes up sicne she is nearly 7, but it is the BEST place for her to be, in the town integrated pre school. She is a nearly 7 yr old "toddler", same size and mentality. Hope to hear real soon about that.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The psot I just did, I typed, Frank got laid off from his Jon, not a Jon, his JOB!!! Want to make that clear. As I said please pray this interview gives him the job he wants.
Blood work to rule out a false poitive for Hep c, was not to be. Julia does indeed have Hep C. Last week it really bothered me, and was just playing back what the Dr said. She has had so much to deal with in her little life of nearly 7 yrs and now this BS. I had a long chat with the International Adoption Dr last week, about the antipsychotic med Julia is on, and the liver issue, that's ok since it's a low dose. We are re doing the HIV and Syphlis test as well considering the circumstances, despite her records say it's negative, too unreliable. it's in that Dr's mailbox, a few consents are needed. this will be done when her T&A is done Nov 6. We also have to think when her rotten teeth will be taken care of and correlate with the T&A. Not sure since both are major oral procedures, or if they will be done at the same time. We have also put home, friends, family, school precautions into place regarding Hep c, i would be distraught if someone got it from her, from something as simple as a scrape, tooth coming out, things we really take for granted, and just a parent using bare hand to clean up any blood, NOT! In a carry around bag we now have gloves, gauze, and bandaides, better be safe than sorry. On a better note, Julias IEP meeting for kindergarten is Oct 14. No way she is ready for kindergarten, so she will most likely spend all her school days in the Early Childhood center. Maybe for circle, story time, about it. Had her Orthotics casted last week, little ladybugs design on them. She has recently learned to jump. I swear last week, she said "I love you", but she sounded like Scooby Doo, but I could understand her. she is now responding to commands in English, we say goodbye in Russian, and her eyes fill up, and she could start to cry. She loves to be on the go, even if it's just across town. She has an eye appt Oct 22, not sure what her deal is with vision, she has beautiful dark brown eyes, but can walk right into any object, even if it;s directly in her path she has walked into walls, chairs, side of the van parked in the driveway and acts surprised it's there, in the bathroom walked into the side of the toilet, vanity, etc. Not sure if it's a brain-eye connection, maybe nothing, chalk it up to the 6 yr toddler she is. Other than the bothersome, upsetting diagnosis of Hep C for Julia, and Frank being laid off from his jon since end of Aug, life is good, and we thank God for all we have. We tend to look at things as half full, not half empty, like the glass of wine I'm having right now, half full. Ashley and Matt are doing so well, we're so proud of them. Frank has an interview tomorrow for a job, pray he gets this. I'm going to start looking for a job too, about time I start thinking about going back, per diem anyway, can't say what Julias liver/hep C appts will be, hope few and far in between, unpredicatable. Life is good, even with obstacles, and being on the road to Holland, some know this.Would really like some Borsch, Ukrainian soup, so good.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Julia has an appt at the Liver clinic on Oct 21, and will head to the brace shop next week to get SMO's (small feet-ankle orthotics, that resemble a high top sneak with out the tongue). These will give her ankle and nearly flat feet more stability and support. I just feel bad for Julia, more Dr's, more procedures. she has had to endure so much in her little life, and now this. angry, becasue we were never told that she has Hep C, a contagious communcable liver disease. Not going to change things, can only move on and get her the great medical care she has received since being here. Still sucks anyway you look at it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Julia saw Ortho today. All was well, except her hips rotate out too easily, she is like a toddler learning to walk, wide gait, arms out or bent at the elbow for balance. C spine is fine, scoliosis is only 10 degrees, knee caps only slightly loose, better than Matts. she needs braces called SMO's, like a high top sneaker for her feet, ankles to have more stability. Left the Ortho appt feeling good, and drove Julia for her afternoon school tutoring. Right before dinner the phone rings, saw childrens hosp on caller ID, thought it was some recording for an appt reminder, than I hear the GI Dr voice and picked up. He proceeds to tell me "I want to talk to you about Julias labs I ordered" I just thought they would be normal and he was just getting back to us, routine call, NOT. He told me that our little girl has Hepatitis C, she is not just a carrier, she actually has the virus. I asked him to repeat himself, and to hold while I got some paper and a pen. Julia and I head to the hospital Weds for repeat labs as to not have a false positive, as she is having an upper GI. GI has contacted 2 of his colleagues at the Liver clinic on our behalf and we will see what these new labs show. I am really stunned, can't stop thinking about it. We have to have some precautions in place in our home now. I have a feeling that the labs will show the same, but am praying this is a false positive. Dr felt she has probably had this since birth, but really don't have any documentation other wise. She could eventaully have liver scaring or cirrhosis. At least if she does have Hep c, she has adequate nutrition now, and great medical care, so that will help. Better than langushing in the Orphanage. I'm really bothered by this. I had plans for Julia and I to go to Fenway Park tomorrow, to enjoy a great day courtesy of the Genesis Fund, not now, will be on the phone with numerous Dr's and insurance. Just really sucks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Julia went to the dentist at Childrens Hosp-Boston this monring. Her teeth are a disaster, and some are rotting. She has a mouhful of plague, all her molars have cavities, she need to have 3 teeth extracted and replaced with crowns, major tooth decay, a cross bite, and her teeth are grinded down a little from grinding them. I hope to get them done when she is in the OR for the tonsilectomy, scheduling will tell. We prefer to get all of this done while she is under in the Or, vs putting her under again for her teeth. Tomorrow she has 2 school evals, PT and Speech,

Monday, September 14, 2009

Julia had an appt with ENT Dr this morning. I knew she had apnea and snores badly, sounds like she's not getting alot of air when she's sleeping. We reposition her in hopes she will breathe easier. The Dr took her history, what there is of it anyway, pretty much starting from scratch. the findings are, she has extremely large tonsils, both ears are completly impacted with wax. The Dr couldn't even visualize the ear drums or tell if Julia has fluid in there too. So, she will have a tonsilectomy, he will check Julias adnoids while in the OR, clean out her ears, if their is thick fluid she will get tubes placed too. she will also have a uppper GI done at that time, sicne she will be in the OR under anesthesia. I was relieved when ENT said "no, I'm not going to order a sleep study" he told me, "I trust your judgement, know what your seeing, you have been down this road (bio son had a tonsilectomy, same Dr 3.5 yrs ago), I believe you when you're telling me Julia is having apnea" She will have a tonsilectomy soon, at the hospital, while spend the night in ICU, and just see how things go to as for discharging Julia post op. tomorrow, Julia is going to the dentist at the hospital, her teeth are aweful, alot of plague, she battles about opening her mouth for teethbrushing of her molars. She is sensitive to cold, like popsicles, cold drinks, etc. She will need labs drawn for pre op tonsilectomy, and some lab orders from GI Dr. right now she is at school being tutored. Has 2 school evals this week on Weds, PT and speech. Maybe cleaning out her ears will help her to speak, time will tell I guess. Her world will really be amplified after both ears are cleaned out.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today, Julia had an appt at Childrens-Boston with the GI Dr. As I have mentioned, I knew that Julia had (GERD) reflux, that she was diagnosed with, and a degree of lactose intolerance. I really like Matts and now Julias GI Dr. We have known one another sicne Matt was about 6-8m old, and Matt turned 7 today, happy birthday to the my big boy, AKA Charming Fellow. GI walks in, and says congrats, welcome back, and gave me a hug. Went over the trip to Ukraine, as he is of Greece nationality, and goes to Athens once a year, kind of knows what goes on as far as kids with disabilities go in Europe. We went over Julias labs, stool culture, and find out, unbeknown to us, that she does have some parasitic infection going on from her stool cultures, as we were told that no known stool infection was sent to the Pedi. GI mentioned, that he may have to consult with infectious disease, but will let me know if he does regarding the stool infections. He told me that I have "expertise" in many specialities, and if he does consult with ID, he will ask them to teach me alot, to have more "expertise" in another area. I felt proud of myself. I have leanred alot over the past 7 yrs when Matt was born, from his 8 Dr's. Julia will be on an antibiotic to clear that up. funny, GI asked about Julias stool, and I said to him, "how I can say this easy without being gross", and thought jeez, he is GI, ok to be gross, so I was and didn't faze neither one of us. GI want to order more labs, as HEP B and C, have an upper GI done in 2m or less, no rush, as kids with DS are prone to GI isues, and we don't have alot on Julias history. He thought Juia was beautiful, Dr speciality is kids with special needs with GI probs anyway. He felt that we could have the UGI in the hospital satellite or the hospital, I told him, absolutly the hospital. I think Julia thought this Dr was as great as I do, she kept hugging him, giggling. she did well. Over the past 5 wks since being here, she has either grown 2-3", and has grown a foot size, 6.5 toddler shoe to 7.5 toddler shoe. I realized this becasue she had a small blister on the top of her right big toe, went to the shoe store and her her feet measured, A WHOLE SIZE! tutoring is going well, and I'm wiped.
Catch the first football game off the season, Steelers VS Titans, Au Revior

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Asley and Matt have gone back to school, and Julia and I hang out together. We have gone clothes shopping for the kids, visited with my mom, her grandmother, she was at the beach yesterday. Julia has also started her education. She is getting tutoring 3 afternoons a week, about 90 mins with a wonderful SPED teacher that I have known for about 2 yrs. The teacher has been pleased with what Julia has done so far, she also feels that Julia has alot of potential, we do to. Yesterday we received the Geneic-developmetnal Dr note fro the appt Julia had with her. Her height is less than the 5%. (knew that), but about a 4 yr old, weight is 32, about a 3.5 yr old, head circumference is that of a 20 month old. Under developmed much? since Julia has some right sided weakness, the Dr is concerned and wants to rule out a possible CVA (stroke). Doesn't surprise me. Just add a Neurologist onto Julias Dr list. She will be seeing GI this thurs, know she has reflux, hope she doesn't have any damage to the lining of her esophagus over it. I gave her some of a hot pretzel from the mall last week, the big doughy ones. It came up within 5 mins, thought she was going to reflux all over the floor of Sears, coughing, gagging, screaming, crying, she had so much reflux, her cheeks puffed out a little, and it went back down, she was crying after. Think I would have too, the stomach acid going up and down with the amount must have hurt. I know she will need medication for that. She still has her funky behavior, flop and drop anywhere, hit her head into the floor, etc. Guess I should get the girls some breakfast.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yesterday it poured rain here, and Julia kept signing "swing" and there is one out in the back yard that she knows is there. We wondered, has she even ever been out in the rain. I got an umbrella, and we went out in the backyard, moved the umbrella away from her, thought she could become annoyed with the rain falling on her, getting wet. Nope, didn't faze her at all, didn't try to wipe the rain off her face or eyes, went to the swing, pushed her in it a few times, she played with some balls that are out in the yard. Only was outside for about 4 mins, had a fit to go back in, crying, flopped to the rug. Other things she has done, makes me thinking she is very hypo sensitive to nearly anything, her sensory system is off, extremely low muscle tone, and living in an orphanage for 6 yrs. She loves to play rough, We give her an old baby brush we found, and she loves to move this up and down her extremities, brings me back to "brushing" through Early Intervention with Matt. She fell in the backyard, where acorns have been falling, fell on one pretty good, becasue I saw the mark it left on her shin, no emotion, she has walked into hard objects, no emotion. The only things that really bother her is food, the obsession, anxiety and panic attacks over it, from cooking it, where she is right under your feet, right next to you wanting to get at the stove, and getting to the table. She needs help and either hand over hand, as she will want to shovel and than have a breakdown becasue the food falls off the spoon or fork. When we go out and she sees us getting our shoes on, goes frantically searching for her sneaks, or will plop down at the front door sobbing. Poor thing, we think maybe she's thinking we're leaving her again, like when our visits at the orphanage we're over and we left, where we were later told she would be hysterical after we had left, and it would usually would take over an hour before she would calm down. The kids start school on tuesday, so it will be just Julia and I from 9-3:15, until she starts kindy, hopefully be in Oct.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday was a busy one. Julia and I were out of the house by 7:45am, heading to the International Adoption clinic appt at childrens-Boston. Getting there during the week can take so long with rush hour, somedays can be nearly 2 hrs, to go about 27 miles. Yesterday, no traffic, was 35 mins. The Dr was great. she has traveled numerous times to Ukrainian orphanages, hadn't been to Julias city, but understood completly about how I felt. sicne she has seen and taking care of the children herself at the orphanages. She felt Julia is doing well, has potential, despite her significant delays. We talked about everything medical involved, was glad that we have set up all of Julias appts, getting her into kindergarten, etc. We talked a while about the behavior, meds for Julia, and her inability to regulate herself. She will be starting a new med for this, Matty is on the same, so we know what took for regarding side effects. The Dr will be consulting with the Psych Dr. In th end, she gave me her card, pager #, don't hesitate to call her over the weekend if we need anything, and keep in touch becasue she wants to know how things are going, and will see Julia in 6 monthes. Left there feeling pretty good about that appt. I liked this Dr alot. After that we came home, Franks paernts were here for a visit, kids were happy to see their grandparents. We left about 2:45 to go to our friends sons b'day. the kids had a ball! they rented a bouncy house, had a water slide to a small pool at the bottom, and my friends husband blew up small baby pool for Julia, where she spent most of her time. As soon as Julia spotted the food table, she kept trying to get there, gave her snacks, but seems she was having panic attacks over it and kept trying to get to the table for about 40 mins, crying, having small tantrums. I finally distracted her. Later she had pizza, and probably her first peice of b'day cake, she was thrilled over that. Just wanted to shovel it, was smeared around her mouth, wonder if she would try to eat the paper plate it was on too. Ashley and Matt were to busy on the bouncey house and the water slide so I could keep an eye on Julia eating. The kids were wiped by the time we got home, just what I was hoping for.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Julia saw cardiology on Aug 12, NO VSD, NO heart defect!! She was examined first by the cardiac RN, than a Fellow, and than the Attending Dr, who we really respect. After she was checked and had an EKG, the Dr told me, no murmer, heart sounds great, heart rate is normal, pulses are normal, EKG normal. what a relief, sicne we were told she has a VSD (ventricular septal defect, hole between the 2 bottom chambers of the heart). The cardiologist did not see any reason to see him any time soon unless we needed him,. He is also Matt cardiologist, took a look at him, listened, despite not having an appt, and said he is doing so well from a cardiology stand point, Dr said no reason for Matt to see him any time soon, but isn't taking both kids off the cardiology service. Julia and I are going to the International Adoption clinic this saturday. I will ask this Dr to consult with the Psych Dr about meds for Julia. We don't have much left from Ukraine, and DO NOT want to have her go cold turkey as in July. Matt has been on 7 differant psych meds, so we are familiar with the side effects as Matt had with all but one. She will be seeing ENT, Childrens Hosp dentistry, Ortho, GI, Opthamology, Nephrology. I sent her history and consents to the SPED Dept yesterday for evals for school. Mattys took a while as I had loads of reports and knew his history when I filled out his school papers. Julias was easy, "unsure, unknown, and getting medical evalusation currently" were most of the answers. Guess I should get moving, get the kids ready for a beautiful New England summer beach day.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yesterday was great, our first day trip to the beach in about 6 wks. A beautiful day, light breeze, blue sky, warm. Ashley and Matt like the beach, it's nothing new to them. We hoped Julia would like it too. When her feet first touched the ocean water she was a little stunned, than plopped down at the waters edge and didn not want to get out. think she just thinks water is for bathing, and nothing else. She really doesn't play in it (yet), but with wet hands she will wash her face and arms. After a few mins she was shivering, and we just had to pick her up from the water. She liked to play in the wam sand, sensory and low muscle tone, was good for her. Matt refused to go in, he on the other hand isn't a fan of beach sand, some days can be a handful to get him to walk in it. Ashley likes the beach, and can burn off energy there. We left at 6pm, and figured just stop somewhere and get something to eat, too late by the time we got home to cook. The 3 kids did well in the restaurant, Julias first time to a restaurant, something we take for granted here. By the time er got home, the kids woke up, had baths and to bed. Julia did well at the Developmental-Genetic Dr appt this past fri, she was mostly concerned with Julias right side weakness, and feel we should get Neuro on board as well. They will set up the Ortho appt, I will search for a Neephrologist (kidney) Dr, make her an eye, dental, appts too. I can't belive school for Ashley and Matt is 3 wks away.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bakc to the journey home: Stopped to get something to eat with Olga and Vadeem (driver) on the way to the airport. Julia loved black olives, ate everything, surprise. the airport was insane, probably becasue it was friday. the line was so long for British air, Olga walked right up front of the line, explained our situation, and a ncie woman with her son let us cut, got our boarding passes, loaded up the suitcase. Olga and I chatted for about 2 mins, said our good byes, sad knowing you will never see these people again, except through pics you have taken. I was chocked up, heard my name, looked over at her waving one last time, tears in my eyes, there was something differant, wved good bye, and bolted for passport control. Must have been 500 people in there, like 5 lanes of traffic, converging into 2. I saw people with kids wedge in towards the front of the line, so I just follwed them, sicne Julia was in a stroller. A ncie man let me cut, had to show her adoption documents, was getting stressed, seemed to take an eternity, but made it, security was easy. Ran to find the flight departure area. Great flights from Kyiv-london, London-Boston thanks to British Air. I cried as usuail when we finally touched down in Boston, US soil, and knew Frank, the kids would be there. Another emotional time finally seeing them. Great to sleep in my own bed, love being home! Julia is doing better, still medicated. Ashley and Matty are amazing. Frank was amazing holding the fort. So far, have registered Julia for kindergarten, she has seen the Pedi, today saw the developmental Dr, next weds is the cardiologist, thurs is ENT, and the 22nd is the appt with the International adoption developmental Dr at Childrens-Boston. She also had a ton of labs done today too. didn't do too badly with that. tomorrow should be a beautiful beach day, where we will be. Life is great, no place like home.
Our saga...I marched out of the Embassy rejuvinated, the fog was lifting, the process is over. Julia and I are heading HOME, which was July 31. I saw Olga, and told her, we're all set now, we're done and going home on the flight tomorrow. Finally back to the apt about 4:30pm, just dreaming about home, and reminiscing of from when we arrived in Kyiv to July 31. I organized our suitcase, went to bed early. We were getting picked up at 12:15 to head to the airport. Julia and I went for some short walks near the apt, found the Hyatt hotel, beautiful in there. Hoping to find a newspaper, no gift shop, bummer. All 3 kids are up, guess I'll really type more later.
Haven't been here for a little bit, our journey home from ukraine began last week. Weds the 29th, Julia, myself, and our awesome translator/adoption worker took the overnight train from Kharkov to Kyiv. I had given Julia her medicine per the orphanage Dr for travel, she fell to sleep pretty quickly, we stayed up talking to 1am. The train had 4 bunks in it, and a small table attached to the wall by the window, and the door locks, was comfortable. So happy to wake up in Kyiv, even though the day would be running to get the last parts of the adoption done, the med exam, and the Julias visa at the American Embassy. Since Frank, Ashley, Matty went home 9 days before, being alone, and when Julia was in her extremem states of irratability made me really pine for them and home. Julia and I went for walks, wasn't scared at all, we blended in like everyone else, but home is home, and thats where I HAD to be. I went into the Embassy about 8:30am, gave the woman my sob story about NEEDING to go home, applied for the visa, paid, appt at 2p to speak to the officer for the visa interview. Next on the med exm, see the Dr for Julia to enter the US. I was just looking around, and hear someone ask me a question, in ENGLISH, another woman, fellow American from Texas adopting a beautiful teenage girl. We chatted for a while about her daughter and Julia, they were great. The med exam was faster than the wait, listned to Julias heart, watched her play with some toys on the exam table, and that was it. Took about 5 mins, and the report stated Julia has "Dawn Disease" along with her heart defect. Guess "Dawn Disease and Down Syndrome, maybe coincide together, nice job. Than we got something to eat, dropped off our bags at the apt, where we would be staying in Kyiv just one night. It was nice, but stressed me out when Julia would try to push over the TV, the small frosted glass table, pull on the curtains, etc, didn't want to have to pay to replace anything. Next stop, drop Julia and I off at the Embassy, and say good bye to the translator/adoption worker Angelena. She worked so hard for us, she was great. she was catching a train to go home as the visa was the only thing left, and I was with Olga, our facilatator. We hugged and cried saying good byes, we have E mails so we'll keep in touch, Into th Embassy Julia and I go. As soon as I saw the Officer, think he was american, I started to cry, what else was new. He said, the visa could be here today (the 30th of July), or tomorrow, have to send the info to Washington, depends if someone at the visa office is on line to see the info etc..." I told him, our flight is tomorrow, (July 31), I have been gone a month, NEED to get back home to Massachusetts, PLEASE help me, can you call Washington, PLEASE! Maybe he thought I was the hysterical mother, becasue I had the same woman from the morning help me 5 mins later. I filled in some more papers, praying hard for God to help us go home and get the visa. Saw the same great mom and daughter in the Embassy from Texas, made the time in the embassy easier, thanks. After about 30 mins, the woman calls me to the window again, "Mrs Booth, can you come to the window please, I need to have you sign something, and give you back your papers, with your daughters VISA, you can go home now. Again, I burst into tears, we are going HOME!!I'm a geek, I'm crying as I type this, was a very emotional time. Kept calling my husband with updates, and gave him the ETA of when we would be landing in Boston. British Air was phenominal helping me, they went above and beyond on the flights from Kyiv to London, and London to Boston. time to stop, the kiddies are waking up. God Bless America.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New life for Julia is not an easy transition. Had to go back to the orphanage and speak to the director and Dr for some medicine for her, fortunatly they saw her in an extreme state of irritability, aggression, self injury, screaming, destructive, crying, head banging why I felt she would need "something"as she was on meds before while there. The Dr got a script filled, and it's a strong psych med, and a sedative for the train and plane. Juliia is very good at the flop and drop to the ground, and have a tantrum. I was out with her on the corner of the street, right outsie ofhe great the apt driveway, Julia has a fit, hits the ground, screaming. some woman in her 60's approaches me, "mama, no, point to Julia, while waving her finger at me! I was in no mood after battling with Julia, and did what my mom did to us when little, gritted my teeth, squinted my eyes, and yelled at her, DA, is yes in Russian and waved my finger at her, she looked a little scared, said to her "English" "no", so I just said out loud, than mind your own damn business. She took off pretty quick. How obnoxious is that? After that I ran into the nice elderly man that lives in this apt bldg, he always had a smile for us, even when Frank and the kids were here. knowa we don't speak Russian.. He saw me, must see Julia in extreme freak out mode, doing the flop and drop. He always says hello in Russian to me, andsmiles. Today he said "mama, pointed to Julia, and did the "amen"sign, and pointed at me. I knew he meant "God Bless you" and your patience, smiled and went on his way. That made me feel better. Julia did great today in the stroller, there's a bar across the front, she can hold on to it, and cen't do a houdini with loose joints to get to the belt, don't think she knows how to unbuckle. We walked out for about 30 mins before our ride came. So nice to have her in that, my back is getting tired of carrying her, just to get to point A to point B. No screaming, which mde life easier. I have all ready contacted our sons Psych at Childrens-Boston for an appt or Julia, as he has agreed to have her as a patient. The great news is...we are going home on friday, leave at 355pm from Kiev to London, London to Boston. Should land about 9:30-9:45 in boston. God bless the USA!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Here I am in my 3rd week in Ukarine. We landed Juy 7, SDA appt in Kiev, flew on to Kharkov, Ukraine and met Julia (AKA Ginger) on July 9. Did papers, court was July 21 where we granted to adopt her, and had the 10 days waitig period waived. Frank and the kids went home July 22. went out to the airport when they left. We talked about me staying here when they went home. Froday, the 24th the orphanage eleased her to me. I have their support, and if I need them, don't hesitate to call. We have been together since friday. I have taught her the ref sign for touchdown, the chicken dance, she understands no, and think she is understanding me whn I speak to her, maybe it's the tone of my voice. Even though she has been with me for only 2 days, she is coming out of her shell, only took a few tries before she could almost hold a pen corretly, can draw straight lines, is fiesty, can have major tantrums, yells and screams pretty well for a non verbal child, maybe words are just waiting to come out. She says "dada" well. Have had her walking around the block a few times, and climbing te 5 flights of stairs to the apt, like a 6 yr old toddler. Guess we'll go take another walk around the block, may rain soon. The more energy she burns the better for me later.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

We're leavin' on a jet plane...can't believe it's really time. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers for uneventful flight(s), quick and smooth process, as we bring Ginger home for her new life.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Today is the day to almost finish off packing. Gingers clothes are packed, I'm buying one more backpack, go buy some summer socks, just keep out 2 outfits we can just wash over for the next few days. We're dropping off our dog, and 2 cats tomorrow for boarding. We have such a sweet dog, Sophie is a 6 yr black lab/austrilain shephard, I know i'll cry leaving her, but she'll be fine. Our friends dropped off their dog at the same place, so they will check on Sophie when they pick up their dog, and may go check on her a few times. Speaking of crying, first time I see Ginger next week, I'll be crying. I get teary thinking of that now, and still at home. Here comes more thunder storms and torrential rain, same s#$@ differant day, I think the last time the sun was out here was about 2 wks ago, probably longer. I was told that Mass had 4 days of sun in the month of June, same thing for the first 2 days of July. The temp yesterday was a "balmy" 63, it's like fall, and poured. At least we will find summer in Eastern Europe, been on, Murphys law for us, it will clear up once we fly out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Have our flights confirmed, and Gingers ONE WAY ticket from Eastern Europe back to Boston! Her new bed was delivered yesterday, and I got the last matching comforter as Ashleys bed. We have packed all of Gingers new clothes, along with her Boston Red Sox shirt, toiletries. We'll pick up a few more things early next week. Wow!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Got the word today...We will be leaving July 5, and appt July 7. The pets are all set for boarding, stopped at the bank today, will give them a date. Can't belive it's really here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the wait that was killing me to hear about Gingers country to approve us or not, we are APPROVED to see her, adopt her, give her the loving family she so needs. We have been told to expect to travel from June 30-July 10, but will know the definative date next week! I'm so psyched! Yesterday this seemed so surreal, but going out and buying toiletries, 2 matching summer outfits for Ashley and Ginger, getting sunscreeen, some of the things needed for our trip. Sicne Ashley and Matty have one, think ginger will need this too, keep the sun out of her eyes, her own Boston Red Sox hat. I'm nervous about flying with the kids, especially the 6 hr flight from Boston to Frankfurt, we'll manage.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

No news yet, the wait is killing me. Seems there was a mixup with Gingers diagnosis of DS, so that had to be changed , this apparently was the holdup for the dossier not submitted yet. Our facilitatator in Gingers country ws working hard to get this changed ASAP so she can submit our papers. We just want to get there ASAP, get her, get through their system, and the 5 of us get back and enjoy the New England summer. I,think about her all the time, is she ok...hungry..happy..sad..getting attention..laughing..crying, etc. When I hug our 2 kids, their is the empty spot waiting for Ginger to be in. The kids ask about her all the time, and when are we going to get her. Matty had an Ortho Dr appt a few days ago, and I asked the Dr his opinion on a pic of Ginger I received last April, when I looked at other than her adorable face, I thought I saw some possible Ortho probs. He felt that she could have some possible Ortho issues by looking at the pic, same ones I thought, but obviously nothing definative until he evaluates her. Dr felt that maybe she has some of the same Ortho issues that Matty has. the Dr said something really nice to me, "you have taken great care of Matthews Orthopedic probs, you know what to do, where to go, this little girl will be just fine, since you will be her mom" I felt some tears in my eyes at that. Basically, has been a wait and see since our letter to adopt Ginger and go get her which was submitted June 3.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our SDA request appt letter was submitted yesterday, and the rest of our dossier should be submitted tomorrow. The wait is hard. I'm checking e mail ALOT, just like when I used to run out to the mailbox waiting for the approval letter from USCIS/homestudies, etc. Yesterday, i bought Ginger a pair of shorts, 2 shirts, light pastel purple plaid capris, and today a summer dress, and an outfit of a shirt and shorts. Praying our documents are fine, submitted tomorrow. We would like to get to Eastern Europe ASAP.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I was tracking our dossier the past few days via Fed Ex, it arrived this morning in Gingers country. It was signed for, and picked up early afternoon their time, which is 7 hrs ahead (I think). I'm praying the translator cranked and is almost or done with our papers. Our facilatator was hoping to get our dossier submitted tomorrow to the State Dept of Adoption. Awesome news: Gingers country has deceided NOT to ban international adoption at this time, thank you God, I was so scared. Thank you God for helping the political officials not to ban adoption to this country becasue like us, numerous families are also adopting right now, and want to get their kids, and not have them languashing in institutions.
I have been tracking our dossier via Fed Ex since last Weds, and am happy to say it has arrived at it's destination this morning. Pray it gets translated and submitted very quickly so we can go get our little girl, and that her country doesn't close.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Been a busy week adoption wise. I went to Boston last tuesday, to have what I thought was our last documents to be apostilled. I have been to the MCCormack Bldg so many times, security would say "heading up to the 17th floor, you know the routine" the routine is your belongings through the x ray machine. Up the 17th floor, walk in, the woman that has helped me all along, "Good morning, documents to Eastern Europe" Gave her the 3 documents to be apostilled, and than, since I'm known there too, handed me my recept, and said "you know what to do" which is hand over documents, get your receipt, go to the cashier, and go back to get your papers. When I went back after the cashier, the woman asked me if I had more documents, and just give them to her and finish since no one was there, good deal. Since the rule is 3 apostilles per person, no exceptions. After I got home, I went over our documents, all happy, I'm done for apostilles, wrong. I needed 2 copies of the same document and only had the one done, and it had to be notarized, and Frank was at work, the kids school day was nearly over, no way to get back to Boston for the day. Weds morning, Frank and I went to the bank, had the document notarized, and I went back to Boston. The McCormack Bldg security gave me the usual "Good morning, up to the 17th floor" I told them, don't think I'll be back, they wished me good luck to Eastern Europe. The woman at the apotille counter said the same. Tues, I had spoken with the Director of our agency, and call her when I got home Weds. I called her, and she told me that some major potential changes could happen in the country Ginger is in, regarding international adoption, and since you just finished the dossier this morning, it needs to be sent to Eastern Europe NOW by Fed Ex. These potential changes had me in tears, but since we're done, the Director of her orphanage was able to get her some time to stay in the orphanage. After I hung up, wiped my tears, I copied all our documents, ran out the door to Fed Ex for overnight priority of our documents to Eastern Europe for the translator. I tracked our Dossier, as of yesterday, it has all ready left Paris. Our facilitator hopes to get our translated documents by monday, and submit them on tues. Thurs went to Western Union for another payment for the country program where Ginger is. Frank bought a small laptop and an international adapter. For those of you that no Matty, can't travel without his portable DVD player, it's a priority to have that charged, and a hairdryer. We can E mail family, friends, and Mattys Dr's from Childrens if we have any questions regarding Gingers health, praying we won't have to do that, and to pass the time. Can't believe we have gone to look at Gingers pic on Reeces Rainbow, talking about her, commited to adopt her, and only since Feb 10 we had our first homestudy to obtaining tons of notarized and apostilled documents, shipping it out 3 days ago, to hopefully be submitted on tuesday, and leave soon to get her, just waiting for her country to approve us and give us a travel date. I can't wait to see her, hold her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday and Tuesday were trips to Boston for more documents to be apostilled. Since a total of 3 per person at once is the rule, no exceptions. I handed over 3, went for a walk and went back for the fourth. Yesterday, Frank and I each had 3, not a prob. As I went out to the mailbox, I was thinking, about the USCIS (Immigration) and our homestudy, and that we will hopefully hear by next week. I got the mail, and there it was from USCIS...APPROVED! Means that from USCIS point of view, reading our homestudy, going over our documents, criminal fingerprint clearance, we can adopt Ginger, and she can come into this country. I started to cry, my husband is thrilled too. Tomorrow, we're going back to have this document, and one other notorized, and I'll go back into Boston on tues, since monday is a holiday and get them apostilled, and belive that is it for our dossier, and our mega apostilled amounts of documents. Than we will mail this to our agency, the director will go over them, than she will send them on to the facilatator/translator in Eastern Europe, she will translate them, and submit them on our behalf. USCIS-Boston moved real fast, from when I mailed in the HS last fri, and received approval today. This is so awesome!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Got our home studies in the mail today, all signed and notorized! Off to the post office to mail one to USCIS!!! We hope that this is the last of our documents. I got teary when I saw the large envelope in the mail, knew it was the home studies, so psyched!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I deceided to give our town special Ed office a heads up about Ginger and going to school. I spoke with our school district person about this. She was exciterd and can't wait to see Ginger. Before she starts school, she will get a full eval, and go from there. Depends on when we bring her home, and she is comfortable here is when she will begin school. Even though USCIS hasn't said yes, or the Eastern European country she's in hasn't approved us either, but we're nearly done with our dossier, and the homestudy should be here anyday to forward to the USCIS. There is really no reason for us not to be approved anyway. Hang in there honey! Love you,

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Today I received Gingers first, middle, last name. I knew her real first name, but I needed this info for our last remaining documents. As I received this info, I heard the old song "It's a bright, bright, bright, sunshiney day, look all around there's nothing but blue sky..." I just happened to look out the window, and the clouds began to move on. I brought the kids to the Pediatrician to have their shot for travel. I showed the Dr Gingers pic, who will also be her Pediatrician, he's checking out the pic, and than he says, "oh, what a beauty, she is going to have such a great life now" I've been reading more of a book regarding internationally adopted children, and attempt to understand the book "Russian translation for dummies" We're coming Ginger!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Yesterday we went to Cape Cod, and spend the day at the beach. It was like summer yesterday. Frank and I were talking about how Ginger would like the beach or not. We hope she does, as we do. She could feel the warm sand in between her little toes, run back and forth into the edge of the tide, splash in the water, pick up shells, dig in the sand with her brother and sister. Her having freedom beyond the orphanage. Can't come soon enough.

Friday, April 24, 2009

The kids passports arrived in the mail today! Another step closer, thank you God.
The other day Matty had a Dr appt, and I dropped Ashley off at my moms I asked the ENT Dr if he was taking new pt's, he asked why, and I told him about Ginger, she will be one of his pt's. Matty saw his cardiologist, and started calling his name, and ran to him. I asked him if he would take Ginger as his pt, he said he would. He also stated about children being internationally adopted, and with DS the risk of undiagnosed cardiac defects, I told him we understood this risk, we want her. The Cardiologist, said great, this child will have a nice life He would like to see Ginger ASAP after getting home and situated. Back to my moms after the Dr appt. Since she is south of Boston, and we're north of Boston, rush hour can be a nightmare, so we stayed at her house for dinner. After we got situated at home, went to check my E mail. There was an e mail, with a new picture of Ginger! She's beautiful, dressed mainly in pink, cute light blue spring shoes, a little white head band with a small flower on it. Her pic had really changesd from the RR pic of last summer she looks like she grew also. A few of our friends have commented on how Matty and Ginger look so much alike, not just the DS characterisitics. They're only a few monthes apart as well. As far as our paperwork is concerned, our homestudy has been approved by our caseworker, and the social worker will mail us a few copies that will be notorized by her boss, and can send one copy to USCIS (Immigration), Frank is having his fingerprints redone on tues morning in Boston, 3 documents to be notarized, and a letter of request to the country she is in we will be requesting to travel in June or early July.. I did my first draft of that letter yesterday, and will get input from our caseworker. I looked at apartments on line in the city Ginger is in, can rent daily, some look really nice, 2 bdrms, and some near McD's and TGIF restaurant. A little taste of Americana.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Went through the dossier checklist, and realized another apostille is needed, too bad sicne I could have had that document done last week while I was having others done. That's ok, I'll go back to Boston next week when the kids are back to school. The homestudy will be sent to AAC, for their review probably in a few days. Than we will get the originals, send it to USCIS. Beside that, think we only have 3 more documents to be notorized too. Our friends 16yr old daughter wants to go with us, she asked her parents, and would help us with our kids. She has babysat for us numerous times, has a little brother with DS so she is very familiar with that. She is a good, smart, nice young lady, and would like her to come with us too We'll will sit down with her parents this friday I have been friends with her mom for years, and she said it's fine for her daughter to go with us and knows her daughter would be safe with us, her dad wants more info.. Last night, Frank and I went to the Boston Bruins playoff hockey game, and sat behind the penalty box. It was a tighe squeeze with the plexi glass right in front of us, for Frank , sicne he's so tall, he mentions that this would be like the plane trip to Eastern Europe, so that made us pine more for Ginger. I'm praying we'll be heading out in June, still waiting for the kids passports. Can't wait to bring you home beautiful Ginger, hang in there, we love you.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Just me with the our kind, awesome Town Assessor for a notary with his signature regarding the proof of property document. We're heading near completion of our dossier.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our homestudy has been completed and approved, we're getting closer for the dossier to be complete. I'm going to Boston tomorrow to have more documents apostilled. Just waiting for our kids passports.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

As we prepare for Easter, the religeous significance of this day, families getting together, our kids happy with their Easter baskets, I think of Ginger in the orphanage. To her, it's just another day hanging out. Our kids saying they wish she was here, they would share their candy with her. I would have bought her a pretty Easter dress, as my daughter just put hers on, only 5 hrs before families are planning to come over. We are going to have an Easter egg hunt late afternoon, as 6 ones will be for Ginger, as she is 6 yrs old. I will enjoy this day, but have prayers for her, as I do everyday, and think she will be in her Easter finery next year, taking pics with her big sis and big bro. When I hug my kids, there is spot for Ginger, that I long to have her there. Have a nice Easter everyone.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Today, Matty, my neice, and I took a trip to the Public Records division. Still wasn't a go for the wording on our notarys for our document to be apostilled. The woman at the desk was the same from tuesday, she just commented on the notary wording, nothing about the color of ink used for the notary stamp. she told me that "there is a bank, a 5 min walk away has a notary with the correct wording, go there and come right back" so off we went. the ntoary asked us where and why we were going, as 2 documents were for passports. I said where and why, and when it was done, asked him how myuch for the notarys, as I wasn't a member of the bank, "no charge, don't worry about it" Yippee! I thanked him alot, off we went back to the Public record division. A differant woman was behind the counter, who was very ncie. She must have heard my neice tell me she was thirsty, becasue she walked away from the counter. I thought something was wrong, but she came back with 3 glasses of water, nice. She than apostilled our needed documents, had a sigh of relief. My neice and Matty were quite well behaved so I took them out to lunch after. Matty wore his cool Boston Bruins hockey shirt, so it was a conversation starter, and between Matty and how the Bruins are playing right now, even cranky people we ran into today, just seemed to smile, also a warm beautiful spring day in Mass.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Just got the mail and received our state CORI (criminal offender record info) state clearance letters. Knew there isn't an issue with Frank or myself.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

This made my day: We have to change one number on the proof of property form, and get that form with some town ID on it. I went over to the town assessor office, who have been wonderful. the Assessor said he will transfer all the info from our cover letter onto town paper, with his name, title, address, town seal, and go back to the notary for me, when it's CONVENIENT for me! We will E mail that to him. the woman at this office asked me how the notarys are going, and I told her about the blue-black ink scenario, and she said that every notary she has used or receiving papers with a notary have always been stamped in dark blue ink, they stand out a little more against black typed letters. Still waiting for the CORI (criminal offender records) state clearance letters, finshed up my Dr paperwork, and so have Frank. I'm psyched to head back into Boston, praying for monday, and it's a warm sunny day, and possibly take a stroll through Faniuel Hall, maybe have a sandwich by Boston Harbor, watching the planes fly overhead. got me thinking about the planes coming into Logan Airport, will love the day when we touch ground back to Boston from Eastern Europe, and ginger will legally be ours.
Thanks Meredith
I deceided to call the Boston office regarding apotilles/notarized documents. I read what our notary letters said to woman on the phone, twice, told her my ID was my license to the notary, and if very dark blue ink is acceptable, and she all was fine, and the document could be apostilled! Maybe the person was having a bad day yesterday, Going back in probably monday.
We had our USCIS (Immigration) fingerprints done yesterday in Boston. We had to be there at 8am. It kind of reminded me of a smaller version of the RMV. They really move people in and out of there quick, were only thee 30 mins. We left quite early sicne we know how Boston traffic can be in the morning. We made it in there in just a little over an hour, miracle. After that we walked over to the Public record division for apostilles on some documents. For those wondering, an apostille is a Mass state seal for required documentation, not just a small town seal, it's gold with a tiny barrett like ribbon that's blue, and threaded through the document. We were really happy becasue we had 6 documents, and a max of 3 per person, awesome. Not, hit a roadblock for the wording for the notary, and the ink that the notary used was very dark blue, but the woman said BLACK INK only, I alsmost started to cry. Our caseworker is changing the wording for us, and start again with that. At least we're only waiting for 2 documents, that is the harder part anyway. I'll go back to Boston ASAP with our new notary letters and get them apotilled, at least we were able to get 2 done. We were home from Boston by 10:30. After that, went to the bank for bank checks for the kids passports, another PITA, if anyone needs birthcertificates for passports, only the paper size ones are accepted, not the small index card size ones we sometimes get. We hustled from our post office, over to Billerica to get a peice of paper size birth certificate and back to the post office, both kids info is on the way. Phew. Did some more errands, after supper, getting the kids bathed, realxed on the couch and watched a Bruins game. Doing more today, have to head over to my Dr office to sign off on a paper for a required blood work for the adoption, and stop by the town assessor office for another form. when I'm stressing over the notary stuff, which I know can and will be resolved, picture Gingers sweet little face, and move on.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The beggining on the road to adoption

April1, 2009

We deceided to adopt a little girl from Eastern Europe, she is 6 yrs old, currently living in an orphanage. When we saw her picture, something about that photo said to us, "I'm beautiful, and you both want me to be your little girl". We also deceided to look in a domestic adoption, but we always went back to her photo to see if she had found a family yet. One day, we couldn't find find her photo on the adoption site, were getting anxious as to what happened, as children are transferred to instututions at an early age. We deceided that if not finding her photo, and the thought of her living alone, in a crib or bed, in an institution, possibly for the rest of her life, was not an option for us, we wanted her, we need her, to give her unconditional love, and everything that a child needs to have a great life. We finally found her photo, had a sign of relief, and thought this is a sign from God. I am currently taking a class, and there was a huge map on a stand, I asked for another sign from God that this is the right thing to do, I just happened to look up at the map, which was about 4 ft from me, and there was an enlarged part of Eastern Europe. We committed to adopting her that night. we are moving along fairly well paperwork wise, considering it's many, many, documents, many, many notarazations. when some frustration happens getting paperwork done, I look at her beautiful face, and move on. Our 2 kids are thrilled, to have her join the family too. It's hard with your child to be so far away, our hearts pine for her. I wish she was here yesterday.