Sunday, December 27, 2009

The peace didn't last too long, Julia threw the book, Matt yelled at her because she was trying to hit his DVD palyer while he was watching it, and Ashley couldn't find the charger for her Nintendo DS player. On Franks job search, he took a month long contracting position about 15 mins from home. We're hoping and praying the new year will bring a job quickly. Julias mouth is starting to have a funky odor as her teeth are trashed, with decay, plague, and a couple rotten teeth, will call insurance again, ask the PEdi and the dentist/oral surgeon have to write a letter of medical neccasity to the insurance company to cover the hospital, OR, anesthesia, etc. The dental part alone, we will have to pay almost $900, can't swing it right now. This will need to be covered by insurance and the dental plan in order to happen soon. Oh yeah, Julia also recently had her first eye exam, was extrmemely difficult. We didn't see the Pedi eye Dr as he was booked up, and than he is going to an eye cinic in India for the poor for about a month or 6 wks. Seh had just an eye exam, Julia fouhgt so hard the entire appt that the optomitrist could tell she as near sighted, could tell she needed glasses, but couldn't get the exact prescription as Julia was brutal. Possibly why she would crash into things, can't see far away, and than things as walls, posts, and other objects just seem to appear out of no where, she felt that Julia sees blurry a few feet beyond her personal space. At least one good thing, her retinas were fine, sicne Hep C can damage the retinas. Guess I should get moving, as the 3 banshies are complaining of hunger. going to repaint the kitchen walls today, a tan color, called mochachinno, speaking of Mochachino, time for more coffee. Go Patriots, afternoon game, Boston Celtics tonite.
This year has really gone by fast. Since I was last here what has been going on with all of us. Matt was diagnosed with mild hearing loss in his left ear at his failed hearing test a few weeks ago. We knew he had mild hearing loss in the right ear, but I was really bothered by this, had a long chat with the audiologist, who asked me if she wanted to also page ENT to chat with him. I know the ENT Dr and the audiologists that take care of Matt do the best they can for him, and they really care about him, so that's a good thing. It also scares me because of Matts ADHD-impulsivity, he can also be a bolter, and if he can't hear me well, can be oppositional, stubborn, ornary, or acts up to "funny guy" it can be VERY scary. "Funny guy" is what we sometimes call him when he thinks he is just so funny, has hysterical laughter, and is out of control. As For Christmas, we got our tree about 3 wks ago, cut it down at a local tree farm. Julia didn't last long looking for trees, threw tantrums, crying, sulking, so I brought her back to the van, and Frank, Ashley, and Matt chose a nice tree. Julia had no desire in looking at it, no desire to try to decorate it, we were able to do hand over hand for one ornament, that was the end of that. she had absolutly no interest, like it's not even here. Had no idea what to get her for presents, ended up with a large pad of crayola paper, crayons, toy cars with lights and sounds, clothes, dress up clothes. she got alot of ncie gifts from families. Her best gift was food and more food. We had an early Christmas at my sis in laws house, all Julia cared about was food and more food. Christmas Eve at my sis, and Christmas day at home, she would get dispondent if the adults took the chairs at the table and she couldn't get to the goodies on the table. notorious for tantrums, crying, yelling, throw herself on the floor, hitting, pushing, if she can't get to the food. We think she would eat until she would throw up from being so full. I realize the medication she is on makes her feel hungry, but we still think she would continue on until vomiting from eating non stop, and she is at risk for chocking as she shovels and doesn't chew alot of the time, has to be watched while eating. So, on to school, the SPED teacher doesn't feel that she is "appropriate" to access the full day curriculum. We want her to go to school all day, she is 7, even though she has the mentality of a 18 month old, so I will contact the SPED district person to see what our options are. Getting an aide for Julia in the morning, is a hell of alot cheaper than sending her to school out of town, she loves school too. she is making so many new sounds, she is ULTRA busy, and never stops moving, even if sitting, she is moving some part of her body. Ashley is doing great, think she had another growth spurt, I really enjoy being with her, she's awesome, like when we have Ashley-mom time. Life is good, Julia is "reading" a board book and babbling, Ashley has her nintendo DS playing it, Matt has the Wizard of Oz on his new portable DVD player playing, life is good.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Julia is doing much better, back to the sippy cup, toilet training is back to no where, but it's ok, jst keep trying. She has been in such great mood, laughing, smiling. Maybe since her throat doesn't hurt, she's back to school, loves her teacher and aide. Yesterday I was mad, not at her, but another mom and her kid at Childdrens Hosp-satellite. Matt was having a hearing test, and we were waiting his tuirn, Julia was with me too. She goes in a playroom, completly in my vision, about 7 ft away. This kid and his mom were in there, the kid pushes her, she pushes back, the kid backs off. I reprimand her, the other mom say6s nothing, he kicks her in the butt, she says nothing. I walked in the play room, got her, and said to the mom, tell you kid to keep his hands to himself, as she has said nothing. So, I keep Julia away from the little PITA, and they get called to go in, the Dr seeing them, has the kid come over to Julia and apologize, the kid has a fit, screaming, NO! We than get called, and the Dr with them ask us to wait until the kid apologizes. I looked at the Dr and theb PITAs mom, and said "absolutly not, we will not wait, are you kidding me!" I got Julia and Matt and off we went. Matts hearing test was not good, go into that later as Julia is off to school momentarily.