Saturday, May 30, 2009

Been a busy week adoption wise. I went to Boston last tuesday, to have what I thought was our last documents to be apostilled. I have been to the MCCormack Bldg so many times, security would say "heading up to the 17th floor, you know the routine" the routine is your belongings through the x ray machine. Up the 17th floor, walk in, the woman that has helped me all along, "Good morning, documents to Eastern Europe" Gave her the 3 documents to be apostilled, and than, since I'm known there too, handed me my recept, and said "you know what to do" which is hand over documents, get your receipt, go to the cashier, and go back to get your papers. When I went back after the cashier, the woman asked me if I had more documents, and just give them to her and finish since no one was there, good deal. Since the rule is 3 apostilles per person, no exceptions. After I got home, I went over our documents, all happy, I'm done for apostilles, wrong. I needed 2 copies of the same document and only had the one done, and it had to be notarized, and Frank was at work, the kids school day was nearly over, no way to get back to Boston for the day. Weds morning, Frank and I went to the bank, had the document notarized, and I went back to Boston. The McCormack Bldg security gave me the usual "Good morning, up to the 17th floor" I told them, don't think I'll be back, they wished me good luck to Eastern Europe. The woman at the apotille counter said the same. Tues, I had spoken with the Director of our agency, and call her when I got home Weds. I called her, and she told me that some major potential changes could happen in the country Ginger is in, regarding international adoption, and since you just finished the dossier this morning, it needs to be sent to Eastern Europe NOW by Fed Ex. These potential changes had me in tears, but since we're done, the Director of her orphanage was able to get her some time to stay in the orphanage. After I hung up, wiped my tears, I copied all our documents, ran out the door to Fed Ex for overnight priority of our documents to Eastern Europe for the translator. I tracked our Dossier, as of yesterday, it has all ready left Paris. Our facilitator hopes to get our translated documents by monday, and submit them on tues. Thurs went to Western Union for another payment for the country program where Ginger is. Frank bought a small laptop and an international adapter. For those of you that no Matty, can't travel without his portable DVD player, it's a priority to have that charged, and a hairdryer. We can E mail family, friends, and Mattys Dr's from Childrens if we have any questions regarding Gingers health, praying we won't have to do that, and to pass the time. Can't believe we have gone to look at Gingers pic on Reeces Rainbow, talking about her, commited to adopt her, and only since Feb 10 we had our first homestudy to obtaining tons of notarized and apostilled documents, shipping it out 3 days ago, to hopefully be submitted on tuesday, and leave soon to get her, just waiting for her country to approve us and give us a travel date. I can't wait to see her, hold her.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday and Tuesday were trips to Boston for more documents to be apostilled. Since a total of 3 per person at once is the rule, no exceptions. I handed over 3, went for a walk and went back for the fourth. Yesterday, Frank and I each had 3, not a prob. As I went out to the mailbox, I was thinking, about the USCIS (Immigration) and our homestudy, and that we will hopefully hear by next week. I got the mail, and there it was from USCIS...APPROVED! Means that from USCIS point of view, reading our homestudy, going over our documents, criminal fingerprint clearance, we can adopt Ginger, and she can come into this country. I started to cry, my husband is thrilled too. Tomorrow, we're going back to have this document, and one other notorized, and I'll go back into Boston on tues, since monday is a holiday and get them apostilled, and belive that is it for our dossier, and our mega apostilled amounts of documents. Than we will mail this to our agency, the director will go over them, than she will send them on to the facilatator/translator in Eastern Europe, she will translate them, and submit them on our behalf. USCIS-Boston moved real fast, from when I mailed in the HS last fri, and received approval today. This is so awesome!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Got our home studies in the mail today, all signed and notorized! Off to the post office to mail one to USCIS!!! We hope that this is the last of our documents. I got teary when I saw the large envelope in the mail, knew it was the home studies, so psyched!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I deceided to give our town special Ed office a heads up about Ginger and going to school. I spoke with our school district person about this. She was exciterd and can't wait to see Ginger. Before she starts school, she will get a full eval, and go from there. Depends on when we bring her home, and she is comfortable here is when she will begin school. Even though USCIS hasn't said yes, or the Eastern European country she's in hasn't approved us either, but we're nearly done with our dossier, and the homestudy should be here anyday to forward to the USCIS. There is really no reason for us not to be approved anyway. Hang in there honey! Love you,