Thursday, June 25, 2009

Have our flights confirmed, and Gingers ONE WAY ticket from Eastern Europe back to Boston! Her new bed was delivered yesterday, and I got the last matching comforter as Ashleys bed. We have packed all of Gingers new clothes, along with her Boston Red Sox shirt, toiletries. We'll pick up a few more things early next week. Wow!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Got the word today...We will be leaving July 5, and appt July 7. The pets are all set for boarding, stopped at the bank today, will give them a date. Can't belive it's really here!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the wait that was killing me to hear about Gingers country to approve us or not, we are APPROVED to see her, adopt her, give her the loving family she so needs. We have been told to expect to travel from June 30-July 10, but will know the definative date next week! I'm so psyched! Yesterday this seemed so surreal, but going out and buying toiletries, 2 matching summer outfits for Ashley and Ginger, getting sunscreeen, some of the things needed for our trip. Sicne Ashley and Matty have one, think ginger will need this too, keep the sun out of her eyes, her own Boston Red Sox hat. I'm nervous about flying with the kids, especially the 6 hr flight from Boston to Frankfurt, we'll manage.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

No news yet, the wait is killing me. Seems there was a mixup with Gingers diagnosis of DS, so that had to be changed , this apparently was the holdup for the dossier not submitted yet. Our facilitatator in Gingers country ws working hard to get this changed ASAP so she can submit our papers. We just want to get there ASAP, get her, get through their system, and the 5 of us get back and enjoy the New England summer. I,think about her all the time, is she ok...hungry..happy..sad..getting attention..laughing..crying, etc. When I hug our 2 kids, their is the empty spot waiting for Ginger to be in. The kids ask about her all the time, and when are we going to get her. Matty had an Ortho Dr appt a few days ago, and I asked the Dr his opinion on a pic of Ginger I received last April, when I looked at other than her adorable face, I thought I saw some possible Ortho probs. He felt that she could have some possible Ortho issues by looking at the pic, same ones I thought, but obviously nothing definative until he evaluates her. Dr felt that maybe she has some of the same Ortho issues that Matty has. the Dr said something really nice to me, "you have taken great care of Matthews Orthopedic probs, you know what to do, where to go, this little girl will be just fine, since you will be her mom" I felt some tears in my eyes at that. Basically, has been a wait and see since our letter to adopt Ginger and go get her which was submitted June 3.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Our SDA request appt letter was submitted yesterday, and the rest of our dossier should be submitted tomorrow. The wait is hard. I'm checking e mail ALOT, just like when I used to run out to the mailbox waiting for the approval letter from USCIS/homestudies, etc. Yesterday, i bought Ginger a pair of shorts, 2 shirts, light pastel purple plaid capris, and today a summer dress, and an outfit of a shirt and shorts. Praying our documents are fine, submitted tomorrow. We would like to get to Eastern Europe ASAP.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I was tracking our dossier the past few days via Fed Ex, it arrived this morning in Gingers country. It was signed for, and picked up early afternoon their time, which is 7 hrs ahead (I think). I'm praying the translator cranked and is almost or done with our papers. Our facilatator was hoping to get our dossier submitted tomorrow to the State Dept of Adoption. Awesome news: Gingers country has deceided NOT to ban international adoption at this time, thank you God, I was so scared. Thank you God for helping the political officials not to ban adoption to this country becasue like us, numerous families are also adopting right now, and want to get their kids, and not have them languashing in institutions.
I have been tracking our dossier via Fed Ex since last Weds, and am happy to say it has arrived at it's destination this morning. Pray it gets translated and submitted very quickly so we can go get our little girl, and that her country doesn't close.