Thursday, December 3, 2009

Julia is doing much better, back to the sippy cup, toilet training is back to no where, but it's ok, jst keep trying. She has been in such great mood, laughing, smiling. Maybe since her throat doesn't hurt, she's back to school, loves her teacher and aide. Yesterday I was mad, not at her, but another mom and her kid at Childdrens Hosp-satellite. Matt was having a hearing test, and we were waiting his tuirn, Julia was with me too. She goes in a playroom, completly in my vision, about 7 ft away. This kid and his mom were in there, the kid pushes her, she pushes back, the kid backs off. I reprimand her, the other mom say6s nothing, he kicks her in the butt, she says nothing. I walked in the play room, got her, and said to the mom, tell you kid to keep his hands to himself, as she has said nothing. So, I keep Julia away from the little PITA, and they get called to go in, the Dr seeing them, has the kid come over to Julia and apologize, the kid has a fit, screaming, NO! We than get called, and the Dr with them ask us to wait until the kid apologizes. I looked at the Dr and theb PITAs mom, and said "absolutly not, we will not wait, are you kidding me!" I got Julia and Matt and off we went. Matts hearing test was not good, go into that later as Julia is off to school momentarily.

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