Friday, October 8, 2010

And...will soon have Juilias blood sugar and urine checked for diabetes, as she wants to drink, drink, and drink some more, and urinates ALOT to the point of her pj's are wet nearly every monring, even though we have her use the toilet before she goees to bed. Not sure if it's becasue she has unlimited liquids, I do dilute the juice, lemonade, so it's 75% water. In her previous life, she was probabaly thirsty all the time, not anymore. She will suck down an 8 oz cup in about 15 mins, and want more. Also since she will be 8 next month, yearly labs will be coming up, thyroid (TSH), CBC (complete blood count) hematology labs, and thalassemia (genetic anemia issue). Her labs were so out of whack from the Hep meds, but that was done nearly 6 wks ago so it should be out of her system. Always something, TGIF!

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