Monday, March 28, 2011

The beginning of March was not a fun one for Julia. I think it was the 2nd or 3rd, school calls, "Julia does not seem to be herself, crying non stop, grunting, holding her abdoman, not eating, is definatly not the norm as she is re obcessed about food, eyes glassy, has a low grade fever. Off to go get her at school, she was like what they had said, except her balance was off too, was extra clingy, did feel warm. the only time she would stop crying was riding in the van. I called the Pedi, got her in about 90 mins later. She was really guarding her abdoman, mainly the bottom right side, where the appendix is located. the Dr and I just looked at one another, and he said maybe, try to keep her hydrated, if she becomes more lethargic, increased fever, take her to Childrens, or the local hospital if you feel that is needed first. She seemed to be getting better as the afternoon went on, about 4:30, she began to be more on the lethargic side, still guarding the abdoman lower right side, increasing fever, as this happens, the phone rings, the Pediatrician calling to check on things. Told him the deal, than I called my husband to come home from work, as I'm taking J to Childrens ER to rule out appendicitis, and/or a bowel obsrtuction. They took her quickly, an IV was placed for hydration, morphine for the pain, numerous Dr's coming into her room, all agree she should be admitted. Over to U/S we go, appendix looks ok, over to x ray for an abdominal one. Turns out little Miss funkmaster was impacted with stool, basically full of it. Enema alert! that was gross, but productive. We finally got up to the room at 3am, Julia has long been asleep on the stretcher for a while, I was wiped from being up almost 24 hrs. We hng out, numerous Dr's checked her through the following day, and she was discharged about 6pm, home by 7:15. Kept her home from school the next day. That night, at home, she slept about 14 hrs. the Pedi and I feel that in the end, Julia probabaly had some sort of virus giving her the fever, as she is a licker of unkown objects, not from needing to be cleaned out. We have upped the miralax and ex lax amount after I spoke with GI. Her muscle tone is so low, things don't move well. she is also back on the anti psychotic she was on when she first arrived her 21 monthes ago. Having aggresive odd behavior, seems to help. She is re obcessed with food, even before this med was re started, as it increases ones appetite. J recently had an appt with endocrinology, the Dr was very nice. she gave me a script for synthroid for Julia, as her thyroid is off too. Recently I got the note back from J's developmental Dr, her head is the size of a 21m old, developmentally a n 18m old, our 8 yr old toddler, figure her brain is pretty tiny in that little skull too. I did ask her developmental Dr if she thought J may have fetal alcohol as she is so very small, the Dr felt that her birth mom may have had more than one drink while pregnant with her, we can't prove it, but the Dr felt that most likely she does, even though people with DS are small in stature, she is very tiny, about the size of a 4 yr old. It's still amazing when I look at Matt, since birth he has had the best medical care, loving family, nutrition, early intervention, pre school, doing well in elementary school, alot of services to help enhance his life, everything a child needs to succed. Than I look at Julia, who was abandoned by her parents, no love, lack of nutrition, no stimulation, negelected, on an adult anti psych med for who knows how long, which her Psych Dr feels gave her some brain damage, absolutly nothing, but a roof over her head, which reeked of urine. I wonder what her life would have been like, had she had all the advantages that he had from birth up to now, never know. she looks like a toddler next to Matt, and they're only 2m apart in age. Back to Matt, he recent;y got an 80%, and a 100% on a reading comp test. the other day he informed me that "mom, some day I will be driving, I'm going to start saving up for a car of my own. Maybe Matt will be one of the kids with DS that will drive, that really scares me. Last thursday, went to the first of Ashleys orientation to middle school, that floored me too, I just can't believe that she will be 10 in June. Another 10 yrs, she will be in college somewhere, she'll always be my sweet pea.

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