Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Monday and Tuesday were trips to Boston for more documents to be apostilled. Since a total of 3 per person at once is the rule, no exceptions. I handed over 3, went for a walk and went back for the fourth. Yesterday, Frank and I each had 3, not a prob. As I went out to the mailbox, I was thinking, about the USCIS (Immigration) and our homestudy, and that we will hopefully hear by next week. I got the mail, and there it was from USCIS...APPROVED! Means that from USCIS point of view, reading our homestudy, going over our documents, criminal fingerprint clearance, we can adopt Ginger, and she can come into this country. I started to cry, my husband is thrilled too. Tomorrow, we're going back to have this document, and one other notorized, and I'll go back into Boston on tues, since monday is a holiday and get them apostilled, and belive that is it for our dossier, and our mega apostilled amounts of documents. Than we will mail this to our agency, the director will go over them, than she will send them on to the facilatator/translator in Eastern Europe, she will translate them, and submit them on our behalf. USCIS-Boston moved real fast, from when I mailed in the HS last fri, and received approval today. This is so awesome!

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