Sunday, November 22, 2009

Oh yeah, Julias 7th birthday was Nov 16. I know that our kids get so excited about their birthdays. to Julia, just another day, no idea even what a birthday is, got annoyed when we all sang Happy Birthday to her. We knew she probably wouldn't be thrilled, but we wanted to remember it was her birthday, and just that a peice of cake would make her day. My kids want everything for their birthday, and all Julia cared about was a peice of cake, what a comparision. She also lost her first tooth the other night. Fair amount of blood came with it, go into Hep C precaution mode. We got out the gloves, gauze, cleaned up the mess with bleach. Kept the kids clear of Julia for a while, until the bleeding from the tooth stopped. It just really sucks that she has Hep C, sucky contagious liver disease, which we could contract from her blood. Any sign of blood, even a scrape, precaution mode, if it's still light out, we clean up any miniscule sign of blood outside. I hear the 3 Banchies coming, guess quiet time is over.

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  1. Happy Birthday Julia! :)

    Wow, that would be tough having to go into precaution mode over a lost tooth. They lose so many!

    What a blessing you have found each other and can help her through it!