Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Seems lately the days just fly by. the last 2 wks have been filled up with kid appts and school meetings. Ashley went to the dentist today, 3 loose teeth, over crowding, no cavities, may need to see an orthodontist. See what the dentist says in 6 monthes at the next check up. she's doing great, have a school meeting about her tomorrow at 12p. Julia will see pulmonary tomorrow at 8am, so she will get to school at a decent time. hoping the Dr won't order another chest x ray, just go by the one from Oct. I don't want the Dr to order a pulmonary function test, where one blows as hard as they can into a tube, measures lung function. Ok Julia blow as hard as you can in here, she would give me the usual deer in the headlights look, she can't even blow from a bubble wand, never mind that test, NOT. At the moment she has a cold with greenies, hoping not a sinus infection, as her immune system isn't the best. Last week she saw her first school play, I went, and her class went by school bus to the high school. I thought it would be like a play for real little kids, it wasn't, it was pretty good, I really enjoyed it. Not kids from the high school, don't know where the actors were from. Had singing, music, dance. Julia was yelling out, "goo jah, goo wah" (good job, good work) Most of her sppech consists oif babbling, in english she says very well, eat, more, knee, mum. Her understanding of English is pretty good, she can follow commands, get things, helps, etc. Don't if she will ever speak coherantly. She is a nearly 8 yr old toddler, that looks like a 3-4 yr old. when I go to her school for something, and see her in the classroom, I realize just how significantly delayed she is, she more like a pre schooler. there is a little gal with Ds that is 5 in the class, and she just blows by Julia. I know all kids are differant, but as we know Julia had NOTHING, was sedated, and lived her first 6 .5 yrs of life in an orphanage where no one gave a shit about her. At least at school, the kids do make an attempt to speak to Julia, say hi to her, sit next to her, etc, even though she did not repond to them until I told her to wave. I was touched by that on the field trip. AAh, the charming Fellow, he is doing very well in school, was the cutest vampire ever for halloween, he's doing well too.

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