Monday, September 14, 2009

Julia had an appt with ENT Dr this morning. I knew she had apnea and snores badly, sounds like she's not getting alot of air when she's sleeping. We reposition her in hopes she will breathe easier. The Dr took her history, what there is of it anyway, pretty much starting from scratch. the findings are, she has extremely large tonsils, both ears are completly impacted with wax. The Dr couldn't even visualize the ear drums or tell if Julia has fluid in there too. So, she will have a tonsilectomy, he will check Julias adnoids while in the OR, clean out her ears, if their is thick fluid she will get tubes placed too. she will also have a uppper GI done at that time, sicne she will be in the OR under anesthesia. I was relieved when ENT said "no, I'm not going to order a sleep study" he told me, "I trust your judgement, know what your seeing, you have been down this road (bio son had a tonsilectomy, same Dr 3.5 yrs ago), I believe you when you're telling me Julia is having apnea" She will have a tonsilectomy soon, at the hospital, while spend the night in ICU, and just see how things go to as for discharging Julia post op. tomorrow, Julia is going to the dentist at the hospital, her teeth are aweful, alot of plague, she battles about opening her mouth for teethbrushing of her molars. She is sensitive to cold, like popsicles, cold drinks, etc. She will need labs drawn for pre op tonsilectomy, and some lab orders from GI Dr. right now she is at school being tutored. Has 2 school evals this week on Weds, PT and speech. Maybe cleaning out her ears will help her to speak, time will tell I guess. Her world will really be amplified after both ears are cleaned out.

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