Thursday, September 10, 2009

Today, Julia had an appt at Childrens-Boston with the GI Dr. As I have mentioned, I knew that Julia had (GERD) reflux, that she was diagnosed with, and a degree of lactose intolerance. I really like Matts and now Julias GI Dr. We have known one another sicne Matt was about 6-8m old, and Matt turned 7 today, happy birthday to the my big boy, AKA Charming Fellow. GI walks in, and says congrats, welcome back, and gave me a hug. Went over the trip to Ukraine, as he is of Greece nationality, and goes to Athens once a year, kind of knows what goes on as far as kids with disabilities go in Europe. We went over Julias labs, stool culture, and find out, unbeknown to us, that she does have some parasitic infection going on from her stool cultures, as we were told that no known stool infection was sent to the Pedi. GI mentioned, that he may have to consult with infectious disease, but will let me know if he does regarding the stool infections. He told me that I have "expertise" in many specialities, and if he does consult with ID, he will ask them to teach me alot, to have more "expertise" in another area. I felt proud of myself. I have leanred alot over the past 7 yrs when Matt was born, from his 8 Dr's. Julia will be on an antibiotic to clear that up. funny, GI asked about Julias stool, and I said to him, "how I can say this easy without being gross", and thought jeez, he is GI, ok to be gross, so I was and didn't faze neither one of us. GI want to order more labs, as HEP B and C, have an upper GI done in 2m or less, no rush, as kids with DS are prone to GI isues, and we don't have alot on Julias history. He thought Juia was beautiful, Dr speciality is kids with special needs with GI probs anyway. He felt that we could have the UGI in the hospital satellite or the hospital, I told him, absolutly the hospital. I think Julia thought this Dr was as great as I do, she kept hugging him, giggling. she did well. Over the past 5 wks since being here, she has either grown 2-3", and has grown a foot size, 6.5 toddler shoe to 7.5 toddler shoe. I realized this becasue she had a small blister on the top of her right big toe, went to the shoe store and her her feet measured, A WHOLE SIZE! tutoring is going well, and I'm wiped.
Catch the first football game off the season, Steelers VS Titans, Au Revior

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  1. I always struggle with the medical lingo. Lol. But not with growth, Gee wiz she has grown some, must be all that love and home cooked meals. It’s so good to here she is doing so well.