Friday, February 19, 2010

The kids have been on vaca this week. The kids and I went up to Maine, to my sis place, had fun. they had less snow in Maine, I even ran out to the van in my sockds, as there wasn't any snow in their driveway, odd for Feb. My kids and 3 neices had fun together, had a nice time hanging out with my sister. Matt got a large splinter in his palm, we were at the ski lodge up there, ski patrol came over to try to get it out, still there, hope it comes out by itself quickly. Julia and I shared a bed, and Ashley and Matt had the twins beds while there, Julias sleep patterns just suck, she DOES NOT stop moving while sleeping. Sits up alot and tips right over, legs kicking, scratching the sheets non stop, moaning, groaning was loud, thrashing, grinding teeth, was tough for me, and I wasn't up for her falling onto the floor. At least it wasn't apnea related. Speaking of her teeth, 2 of her rotten fang teeth have fallen out this week. Frank and I went out last saturday night, great to get out alone with him. Julia is squawking about wanting her 5th cup of jucie this morning, little does she know, it's 3/4 water. The liver Dr said that Julias blood suger was on the low side when she checked her lab last time, but there wasn't any evidence of glucose in her urine last time that was done. either she's psyched she has unlimited access to fluids, or we'll keep an eye on her blood sugar. At my sis, I saw the movie, Twilight, it's the vampire series movies. I am not into those type of movies, thought I wouldn't like it all, loved it, now I need the book. the special effects were cool, the story, how it was filmed. Kids back to school monday, YYIIPPEE!!!

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