Monday, February 1, 2010

Had a meeting with our SPED district person, Julias Principal and SPED teacher last week about her going all day. The SPED teacher realizes that Julia is still making good progress, but she feels that Julia is not ready for kindy yet. She has trouble just sitting in a chair briefly for "circle time" in her room, her social skills are not very good yet, she will go and push other kids. Besides the pre school age work she does in the Early Child room, they arw working on teaching her more signs, social skills, tracing the letters of her name, identifying obejects in pictures, shapes, and the services she receives. We deceided that we would go month by month for Julias progress towards a full day of kindy, meet next month. The teacher would like to have her full day by May or Jyne at the latest, since it was agreed that Julia WILL be going full day from 8:45-3 for the summer extended day program for 6 wks at an amazing place called the Paul Center, it's down the street from us. For kids that have moderate to severe special needs. This will be Matts 3rd summer program there, he LOVES it! It's about 3 mins from home, they have a pool, only about 4 ft deep at the max, gym, art, music, get their services, there are teachers, OT, speech, aides. I love the staff that has had Matt, there is hardly any turnover there, which I like, and Matts teacher there is great, he knows Matt so well, and Matt can't pull any shenanigans there either, since "Everyone knows Matty" Julia will be in the same cabin, they follow IEP"S, so she will have a 1:1 aide there as well, scine she is a flight risk, safety hazard. Our SPED person told me that he is getting Matts amplification system for his class next week, which I'm glad about. Julias meds are now squared away to begin her HEP C treatment, just call the HEP C RN to see when we can get the ball rolling, as the meds should be here tomorrow. Matt recently had labs done, and some of his hematology labs are up and down out of the range, red flagged, guess I'll call the Pedi tomorrow and let him know, as his report will take alot longer to get to him, I all ready have them. Yesterday marked 6 monthes since Julia and I came home, that flew by. Time to go get Ashley at a friends house 2 streets over, will drive, I know, woose, but Julia and Matt will squawk that they're cold, and each will want to be carried, doubt it.

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  1. as someone who works at a special needs summer camp I say YAY! I am so glad you have a place you can send both Matt and Julia! My brother and sister were both 1:1s this summer, for a little boy with autism and a little boy with emotional issues.

    We all miss camp SO much.