Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Yesterday Juia and Matt had Dr's appt with the Developmental-Genetics Dr, and Ortho. I love this Dr office, an awesome staff, it's very family orientated, everyone there knows Matt and like him alot, so he hangs out with other staff while it was Julias turn. I brought in the "laundy list" for Julias issues, and tests and procedures she has had done in the past 6 monthes. Julias gait is still rather funky, she walks for the most part, like a marinette on strings, real floppy, unstable, can fall easily. The Dr's observed Julia walking on the balls of her feet, right foot turned in, leaning over, very loose tone, very loose joints and she snaps, crackles, and pops. Her kneecaps are very loose, move side to side, scoliosis hasn't changed. A few times my mom, sis, and I have asked a few of my friends their opinion about Julias gait, unsteadiness, weaker on one side, she keeps her thums tucked under her fingers for the most part in a fisted position. It was told to me last summer by the Genetics-developmental Dr that she suspects that Julia had a stroke at some point before coming the the US. Yesterday, I brought up that I felt that maybe Julia has a gait like a child with CP, she thought that was a possibility, but still felt strongly that Julia has a gait of a child that had had a stroke. The Dr said that if we really wanted to find out what Julias brain looked like, there is always an MRI, but it's not going to change anything, which is true, and with the Hep C treatments coming up, why bother right now. Get her stronger through PT, and her right side could be worked on more. Even though Julias has a Psych Dr, this Dr agreed with me that she feels that Julias ADHD-Impulsivity, we allready know, it's obvious, she never stops, moves 24/7, even in sleep. The appt was about 40 mins, had a nice long chat. Matt was in ultra show off mode, he knows everyone and they dote on him. His refelexes are still pretty non existant, he is doing well otherwise. Ortho felt Matt is doing good, knees are still dislocating and loose, loose joints, low muscle tone, scolisos hasn't changed, ordered c-spine, back, knees x rays which I'll get done this week. Matt loves going to the childrens satellite, he hangs out behind the desk, and doesn't mind x rays, "just a big camera" Matt is so direct, he told Ortho, "Think you're done bye bye now", he gets a kick out of Matt, has been his Dr for 5 yrs. I'm so glad that the kids have the Dr N for Developmental-Genetics, she is great, feel like I'm talking to a friend, she really listens, makes us so comfortable, not just "voice your concerns and get out" Geez, all ready time to go get Julia, and Matt from school.

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