Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Julia had another hepatology appt this morning. The Dr and Hep RN feel that Julia is doing well, her labs are going in the right direction. The previous labs showed that the viral load has dropped alot, and this is a step in the tight direction, but the labs that she had drawn today, will determine success or need to continue treatment longer than what we tried for. The Dr felt that Julia will only need labs once a year for about 3 yrs, and than call it quits, if all goes well. She's into the hospital rputine now, and doesn't freak about going there. The Dr just thought it was a little odd that Julias BP was so differant the 2x we took it on each arm. Today was the first time I didn't put Julia in the stroller from the garage to the hospital, she was fine, didn't do the "flop and drop", no lousy behavior. We were waiting to check out from the appt, and a teen girl approached me, "I just love kids with DS, she (Julia) is so cute, she 3?" I told that Julia was 7, she was adopted, and so on and so forth, she began to cry, "why wouldn't her parents want her, she's adorable, at least now she's in the US with a loving family, and asked if she could give Julia a hug" the girls mom was in tears, think some of the staff, and the parents in the waiting area. Very touching. Made my day. Not some of the jerks that just stare. I think Childrens Hosp is one of the few places, where no one gives you a 2nd look, unless they comment how cute my kids are 10 monthes ago today, I woke up in my own bed after spending a month in Ukraine, and now a family of 3. Today at the appt, Julia was measured, as every, for height and weight, her height is now 3-5", she has grown 5" in 10 monthes, since leaving Ukraine, and has gained 5-6 lbs. Hearing thunder in the distance, guess I should put out the dog before a storm. Oh yeah, Ashley doesn't have to go to reading group at school, where she received help, she now tests above average in reading and comprehension, awesome. Matt is doing great too.

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