Friday, July 2, 2010

We finally got Julias Ukraine passport returned, with a copy of the FIRST YEAR reports that have to filled in and mailed to the UA consulate in NYC. Where has this year gone? Julia and Matt are at the camp for kids with special needs down the street, and Ashley and I are hanging at home waiting for the hep meds to be delivered since I have to sign for them. Julias latest appt was the International Adoption/developmental Dr at Childrens. I really like this Dr, as she gives me insight as to Julias past orphanage living and what these kids can act, have post traumatic stress, attachemnt probs,behaviors, etc. In regards to Julias encephalopathy (brain disorder), the Dr suggessted that we get a school consult to teach kids with traumatic brain disorders/injury how to teach her more effectivly, throw in also teaching a child with autism, which the Dr feels that Julia show tendancies too, but most likely institutional induced not just about treaching a child with DS. I heard the words "traumatic brain injury" and wanted to cry. We have no idea as to how this happened and we never will. The Dr said possibly shaken baby, abuse, labor and delivery, her birth moms prenatal neglect. I also brought up the issue of mild CP, she saw Julia walk and her odd body movements and felt that this could be a possibility too, but Neuro would know betteras we see him next week. Just would like some answers, but she is still out little "Funkmaster B" Her self stimming behavior is increasing, but we try to distract her or try to show her how to look at a book, instead of waving it in front of her face, at least she can't do this with the large electronic toys. Well, sicne Julias meds are here, and Ashley and I don't have to hang out between the hrs of 9-12 waiting for it, we're heading out to enjoy this beautiful sunny summer day.

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