Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Where has a year gone? A year ago today we were in London for a day sicne we missed the one and only connection to Kyiv, Ukraine. The 9th of July was the day we met Julia. I don't think the orphanage would even recognize her as she has grown 6" and gained 5-6 lbs. her hair has grown beyond her shoulders, it was a bowl cut to the top of her ears last year. She is medically complex, like a 7 yr old toddler, but enjoying life. Her receptive skill to English is pretty good, easily follows commands (except for the toddler part when she wants her own way, selective hearing), loves school, and loves camp this summer. Yesterday was her first time ever in a pool, loved it! Her muscle tone is so very low, that she was wiped from working them in the water. She is significantly delayed in every area, requires hand over hand for just about everything, but is still making progress. I think of our translator/adoption worker, we keep in touch still through e mail. Think of Natasha and Vadeem, spouse drivers we had in Kharkiv, Vadeem driver in Kyiv, all so nice, and we all got along well. Been a year, but still seems so fresh. I know we will never forget them, all we have to do is look at Julia and reminisce. I really like the cities of Kyiv and Kharkiv, Ukraine. So old, some of the bldgs and statues, the Russian Orthodox churches were beautiful and ornate. I won't get into how I felt about the orphanage. So differant than anything in America, obviously a differant country, differant culture. We would like to get back to London one day. Ashley and Matt are great travelers, Julia would be annoyed. got to get some errands done, as Camp has all ready called that Matt is complaining of not feeling well, but talking about pizza. they re directed him and he was ok. Before they call again, and hopefully won't, gotta run.


  1. Hard to believe it has been a year. How long ago did you send Julia's passport in? We sent Lena's off last December and still don't have it returned. Would love to see pictures of how much she has changed.
    Rhonda and Lena

  2. I sent Julias passport in last Sept and just got it back about 2 wks ago. Just in time for the yearly report. It was sent to NYC, and could never get a hold of anyone at the consulate. Send me your E mail and I will send you pics of Julia. I'm not very good at blog pic posting.