Thursday, July 29, 2010

time for me to get a little sentimental: Frank the kids have been home from Ukraine for a year on July 22, and Julia and I left her city of Kharkiv on the over night train to Kyiv a year ago this evening with our translator/adoption worker. 5:30 am Kyiv time, a year ago, would be on the train asleep after having some wonderful Ukrainian wine and chatting for hours with Angelina. Julia was pooping her head off since she had 3 types of parasites floating around making themselves at home in her intestines, but sleeping comfortable. that morning at the Dr's office in Kyiv, met a great woman from Texas and her adopted daughter. Rhonda, have to reminise again. July 31 will mark a yr sicne Julia and I got back home to Massachusetts, and she began her great life, we and she had no idea as to what was in store. She has done remarkably well over the past year, despite her significant challenges. Her birth parents really missed out, their loss is our gain. Seems ike Julia has been here for yrs. since last yr when Angelina (translator-adoption worker) said our crying good byes, we have kept in touch still via E mail and got her beautiful wedding pics, she knew we couldn't be there, but I was in spirit for her that day. I see a brand of cheese and /or yogurt called "Presidente: imported from France at our local grocery store, and we ate alot of that cheese/yogurt and I immedialty think of the grocery store in Kharkiv where we went grocery shopping there. where has a yr gone?

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