Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Julia finally had her dental work taken care of on July 23, we didn't have to stay overnight, but was a real long day. We left home at 9am, returned by 6:30-7pm. She had her teeth cleaned, 4 extractions, cavities filled, gums were ok fortunatly, scrapings, and x rays. She had a post op appt July 30, dentist felt all looked good, and will see her in 3 monthes. Camp ended Aug 5, which meant a month out before school starts. We went down to Cape Cod for a week of vaca. We went to the beach alot, explored, the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, wherwe Matt and Julia were on the obnoxious side and had to be taken out, but Ashley really enjoyed it. We tried to wear out the kids everyday. Today Julia was scheduled to have a home EEG to see if she is having seizures, as school, us, Ashley, and camp had noticed her staring, even though it wasn't picked up on the hospital EEG last March. Leads are placed on her head, and we push a button when we see her stare. That would show if she is having seizures or her funky self. After reading the Neuro Dr post appt note, I deceided to bag it for now, canceled it. I didn't want to drag Ashley and Matt in there. The Dr note said that he didn't think she has CP, but has an abnormal gait,with staggering, and twisting of wrists and arms in close or halfway extended, closing of fists, cranial exam was remarkable since she has glasses with vision challenges, but Dr didn't stress what that was, and that the Encephalopathy was just.. DS related, depite not knowing Julias previous orphanage or birth history. If the home EEG shows no seizure activity, no further follow up needed. The Dr note meant to me that the Dr didn't seem concerned at all, despite his use of "abnormal gait with staggering, crainial exam was remarkable (whatever that means), and just DS" So this can wait too. I may contact the International Adoption/Developmental Dr and get her input. As she felt that we should get a consult for school for children and school with brain injuries. She also felt that the Encephalopathy is not "just DS" when we spoke in June, this was befoe the Neuro appt. Julia has her last Hep appt, hopefully on Aug31, she will have labs done at the hospital and that will tell us if she is DONE with Hep C, and that this 6 month treatment has successfully killed off the virus. She will need to have labs 2x a yr, than once a yr, than every 2 yrs for probabaly the rest of her life. Matts 8th birthday is in 3 wks, what to do? I think he wants to go to the movies, or get gluten ree pizza with some friends. We;re heading out to the western part of the state where there is a HUGE Yankee Candle store, they have theme rooms, gazillion candles, dip candles to make, it can take about 3 hrs just to browse around, the kids really like it, Julia could care less, think she may get a little over stimulated, but just give her a few jelly beans while in there for a distraction. They even have Santa Claus in there, Matt never fails to ask for a few seasons of DVD's for "everyone Loves Raymond" he has also asked for Bruins hockey tickets too. The Banshies are watching Sponge Bob Square (crappy) pants while i type. Shut that off and get moving.


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