Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Took the kids for a couple trips to the beach for school started. I took them to a small beach where I could watch Ashley collect periwinkles and stay knee deep with Matt and Julia in the water. School FINALLY started for Ashley and Matt yesterday, and Julia starts kindy tomorrow. I can't belive she started 4th and he's just about completly integrated into 3rd grade. They're happy to be back, Matt has the same aid from 2nd grade, she's great with him, I like her alot. I finally deceided that Matt and Julia can take the little SPED bus to school, so done driving them from last year this was my routine last school year: get Ashley on the bus, pack Matt and Julia up in the van by 8:40, drive him to school, bring Julia to school by 12:30. Afternoon left at 2:50 got Julia, 3:10 got Matt as they're at differant schools, get home quick to get Ashley off the bus at 3:35, not fun. Got the SPED bus all arranged for this year, checked out the town school website, swear it said "ALL staff, kindy, and students return Sept 7" Got Matt and Julia on the bus, and went to coffee with a friend when they left. Enjoying the peace when my cell rings, jump out of my skin, not a school #, it can wait. Head over to the school for Julias kindy orientation and listen to the phone message, I thought to myself, this numer is familiar but can't 100% place it, listen, my friend, AKA Julias SPED teacher, "coming to orientation, kindy starts thurs, but we will keep Julia here until you come in" They were ok with it, I was so embarrassed. I walk into school, nearly bumped into the Principal, he's really nice, "did you speak with teacher about kindy starts thurs, it's ok that you sent Julia in by mistake, I figured you were probabaly out having coffee enjoying the peace, as he knows Matt well too as he is at that school, he just laughed, so that was ok. He is my peer, so that was ok, think if he was much older, maybe wouldn't see the humor in this. Met the kindy teacher, she seems very enthusiastic, all of the kids that came in were familiar with the routine, as they all probabaly went to pre school and had a good head start, unlike Julia. There is an adorable little girl with DS in there as well. Julia refused to sit with the SPED teacher, new aide, on the rug, just me. The staff took the kids out of the classroom so the teacher could speak with the parents, poorJulia, getting her into line, she kept signing "mom" and babbling, I told she was fine, I'll be right here, ta ta, that's her words for good bye. Think she was a little stressed, new school, new staff, no aid from camp. Back to the bus yesterday, she saw it, refused to get in, screamed like a cat, almsot ran into the back of the van, tried to make a run for the house. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. She hasn't been in any other vehicle than our van. Great news on the Hep C front: we have eradicated the virus from Julias system, the weekly injections are done, last one was last friday, and the liquid med will be done this friday as well. She will need labs done in about 5 monthes and we'll go from there. Her thyroid level is still off, so that lab maybe done sooner than later, as it's higher than normal. Hopefully her immune system will be much better as the med clears her system, as it's surpressed now. I also took pics of the kids before they left yesterday for school. As I have typed on here before, Matt is quite the character, and can't get enough of "Everybody Loves Raymond" There is an episode called The Model, where Ray takes pics of Robert doing modeling poses for a portfolio, it is very very funny. Matt decides he want to do poses like "Robert Barone" he wanted pics taken in front of a fan like on the show, Matt was so funny imatating this episode, I was in tears from laughing, and taking some pictures. About it from here, I'm having some wheezing, coughing, chest has a little burning, hope it's not bronchitis again, fine otherwise, life is good. God Bless America.

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