Monday, October 5, 2009

Blood work to rule out a false poitive for Hep c, was not to be. Julia does indeed have Hep C. Last week it really bothered me, and was just playing back what the Dr said. She has had so much to deal with in her little life of nearly 7 yrs and now this BS. I had a long chat with the International Adoption Dr last week, about the antipsychotic med Julia is on, and the liver issue, that's ok since it's a low dose. We are re doing the HIV and Syphlis test as well considering the circumstances, despite her records say it's negative, too unreliable. it's in that Dr's mailbox, a few consents are needed. this will be done when her T&A is done Nov 6. We also have to think when her rotten teeth will be taken care of and correlate with the T&A. Not sure since both are major oral procedures, or if they will be done at the same time. We have also put home, friends, family, school precautions into place regarding Hep c, i would be distraught if someone got it from her, from something as simple as a scrape, tooth coming out, things we really take for granted, and just a parent using bare hand to clean up any blood, NOT! In a carry around bag we now have gloves, gauze, and bandaides, better be safe than sorry. On a better note, Julias IEP meeting for kindergarten is Oct 14. No way she is ready for kindergarten, so she will most likely spend all her school days in the Early Childhood center. Maybe for circle, story time, about it. Had her Orthotics casted last week, little ladybugs design on them. She has recently learned to jump. I swear last week, she said "I love you", but she sounded like Scooby Doo, but I could understand her. she is now responding to commands in English, we say goodbye in Russian, and her eyes fill up, and she could start to cry. She loves to be on the go, even if it's just across town. She has an eye appt Oct 22, not sure what her deal is with vision, she has beautiful dark brown eyes, but can walk right into any object, even if it;s directly in her path she has walked into walls, chairs, side of the van parked in the driveway and acts surprised it's there, in the bathroom walked into the side of the toilet, vanity, etc. Not sure if it's a brain-eye connection, maybe nothing, chalk it up to the 6 yr toddler she is. Other than the bothersome, upsetting diagnosis of Hep C for Julia, and Frank being laid off from his jon since end of Aug, life is good, and we thank God for all we have. We tend to look at things as half full, not half empty, like the glass of wine I'm having right now, half full. Ashley and Matt are doing so well, we're so proud of them. Frank has an interview tomorrow for a job, pray he gets this. I'm going to start looking for a job too, about time I start thinking about going back, per diem anyway, can't say what Julias liver/hep C appts will be, hope few and far in between, unpredicatable. Life is good, even with obstacles, and being on the road to Holland, some know this.Would really like some Borsch, Ukrainian soup, so good.


  1. I am praying for you and your family. Bless her little heart, I am so happy that Julia is home with you. She will get what she needs in life, family, quality medical care and education and most of all LOVE. As I was starting to tear up reading your post, I came across where she said "I love you" and it sounded like Scooby Doo.:):) How precious!!
    God Bless!

  2. Hello, I am an adoptive mom(soon to be) from Reecesrainbow. Just wanted to let you know both off my parents had Hep C and me and my siblings were all negative. My father also lived with me several years before he passed. My dad was a diabetic and when he lost vision, sometimes he would accidentally not throw his insulin syringes away properly. This resulted in my brother and I accidentally getting stuck 1 time each. We are still both negative 10 years later. I just wanted to let you know that even though Hep C is contagious, it is really not so scary. Sorry though that Julia had to have this.