Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Julia got her new othoticsfor her feet this month, what a differance! She wants to run all the time, and has also learned how to jump. She also picks up spped that she loses her balance and takes alot of spills. We have to be real careful of there is any blood from these wipe outs, scrapes, bloodly lips, loose teeth, etc. Ashley has been to the dentist, and will most likely need braces when she is older. She is having some probs at school with math, and will have another chat with the teacher, which is ok. We really like the rescource room SPED teacher. She and I went to the Boston Garden last saturday with a great friend, her 2 sons, and some other great friends,to see Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus, we all had a ball. My friend got tickets, and asked if Ashley would like a break from her 2 younger siblings, so she and I went. I was able to get my hair done that morning, thats always a plus. Last Weds, we had Julias IEP meeting. Originally, the plan was put her in PT kindy, go in the morning to the Early Childhood Center, since there would be only 2 kids in that room in the morning, wouldn't be as crazy, as Julia can get easily over stimulated, nosy, scattered, annoyed and her attention well, somedays are a tiny bit better than others. So after all was said and done, the district SPED person called the following day, and said "before you say anything, hear me out..." I thought to myself, oh no, what's going on now. Se than tells me, that after hearing all the reports, talking with staff and me, she is going to ask the head of SPED if Julia can go to pre school for a year. I'm not getting my hopes up sicne she is nearly 7, but it is the BEST place for her to be, in the town integrated pre school. She is a nearly 7 yr old "toddler", same size and mentality. Hope to hear real soon about that.

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