Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Julia had another Dr appt this past monday, with the nephrologist (kidney) Dr, as she has 2-3 kidney infections this spring, and into June before we got her. At least that wasn't a medical surprise. The Dr was so nice, she ordered a renal ultrasound and another test called a VCUG to check for urinary reflux, good appt, Julia will see her again in January. Julias behavior was horrendous that day. Even though she is medicated, her mood swings were unreal, emotions all over. On the way in to the hospital, intermiitant yelling, crying, laughing, banging her head into the back of the car seat repeatedly. Maybe it was becasue of rush hr traffic, I felt like that once in a while while driving in. Here, a 25 mile car trip to ChildrensHosp-Boston, can take nearly 2 hrs, after rush hr I have made it home in about 35-40 mins. I am calling the Pediatrician in a little while, Matt has been sick for almost a week. He was tired last Weds, vomited at 4 am thurs morning, high temp, came down with tylenol, comlained of being tired, intermittant fever, no appetite, pushing him to drink, friday kids didn't have school so didn't count for him missing school. Saturday, he was complaing of a sore throat, cough, cold symptoms, tired. Sunday, he said he felt good, just a cough and runny nose. Felt lousy again yesterday, no school, fever last night same cold stuff and tired, no school again today. He had a 7 yr checkup last fri, and the Dr listned to his lungs, clear then, but that was 5 days ago. Better safe than sorry, and he has a cardiac history as well. The girls don't show any symptoms. Flu or hope not H1N1. My nephew had this recently out in Montana at college, sounded like Matt. Oh yeah, Julia said "eat" 2 days ago, she probably got a good whiff of the bakery-sandwhich shop in the hospital lobby, little food obsessor that she is. She also says "og" (dog) "aw dah" (all done), just learned the sign for yes. Not bad for a child that came from nothing just about 3 monthes ago.

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