Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thursday afternoon was eventful. Get a call from Julias school, "can you come get her, she cut her finger" with her Hep C went right to get her. Seems she got a good cut on her thumb in OT while using kiddie scissors. I thought those couldn't cut skin. anyway, I get there, and it's a good gash, and ended up having to take her to the ER becasue of Hep C and not sure if would need maybe 2 stitches. The Dr put on surgical glue, antibiotic for later, and bandaides and soem gloves and sent us on our way. I was fortunate enough to drop off Ashley at her friends house so she didn't have to to the ER, went to Matts school, dismissed him sicne there was no way to get back home in time from an ER and pick up Matt, and get Ashley off the bus. We left the ER at 4:15, hustled things, and the kids, took out the dog, and we all left to get my neice and drop off Julia with my sister, and try to get to the Bruins game by 6:40, got to the Boston Garden by 6:30, got our tickets, and headed over to chat with the woman about Matt and the Bruins. Matt was very stresses about the noise level during the game, Frank and I took turns walking him through the halls. Finally time to see the Bruins before the start of the 3rd period. We were told, "have to be quiet, no calling out their names, as they concentrate and think when walking back out to the ice, just smile and wave" Gave Matt the run down, he was ok with that, than the Bruins come out of the locker room, they came right over to Matt, "hey pal...hey buddy..having fun are you doing...etc, and than they would do "knuckles" with him, even the coaches, he got a game puck too. I found out one of the players has a child wth DS, he came right over to Matt, told him he was awesome have a great time, knuckles a few times. There is a player with the last name of Bergeron, Matt calls him "blood drawn" He yelled to him a few times "Blood Drawn, I'm over here" Nice name. After they were gone, we were walking back to our seats with the womna that brought us outside the locker room, and she introduced us to a player, he was in street clothes, so we didn't recognize him, he was really nice to Matt too. Had a great time. Matt was so excited and thrilled to do "knuckles" with the Bruins, was priceless. Julia was sort of a wild banshie at my sisters. Now she really understands when I told her Julia is a 7 yr old "toddler" and needs constant supervision. got home at 11pm, and were beat.

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