Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Julia had an EEG done yesterday morning, as she has had numnerous staring episodes that last just a few secs, but was noted from 2 Dr's appts last summer, that they had seen this as well. See what those results hold. Julia and I were up at 4:15am as she was suppossed to be sleep deprived. I told the woman that we were very lucky that if Julia were to fall asleep, Getting the leads on Julias head was difficult, as I thought it would be, took about 45 mins to get her ready, at least the fighting made her a little more tired, our fiesty one. I think Julia fell asleep for about 15 mins, tossing and turning, but the woman that did this got about 40 mins of data. I'll call for the results either today or tomorrow. I may call the Developmental-Genetics Dr today regarding Julias gait again, as last week she saw her with her feet turned in, as did Ortho Dr. and an odd gait, it's quite off today. Her right foot turns in more when she walks, the left one is starting to, she has nearly fallen over a few times from less than the usual balance, leaning over to the left, so I have been walking on her left side to catch her if need be. We went for a walk, she was tripping over her feet, and fell 2x, and began saying "ome" which is home so we turned around, not like we had walked far, I carried her 1/2 way as she was crying. This is really odd for Julia, as she is a child that is in constant motion 24/7. and likes to walk. She is content right now, putting puzzle peices back in the box. Matt got his new sound system for his classroom, due to his mild hearing loss. The SPED teacher called, and said they had used it in the regular class, and Matt freaked, covered his ears and bolted from the room, in the hall he was shaking, crying and told the teacher and aide "way to loud, can't take it" He can't tolerate assemblys at school, or anything real loud, he gets terrified, at least they tried., Matt wouldn't return to the class until he saw the system in the bag and be put away.. Even when we went to the Bruins game last January, he loved meeting the Bruins, since by the locker room area it was quiet, he couldn't take being in his seat, because of the announcer volume during the game. Ashley has the book fair at school today, she loves to read, so we gave her a few bucks for books. The snow is nearly gone in our yard, and with it shows the lazy slobs that throw their trash out their car window in the corner of the yard, but spring is right around the corner.

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