Thursday, April 29, 2010

Can't belive another month has nearly passed, marking Julias 9 monthes since we came home from Ukraine. Sicne Julia can be a little on the funky side, we affectionatly refer to her as "funkmaster B" In the past few monthes, her behavior seems to be getting a little funkier, as we thought maybe we are seeing some "red flags" for her being on the autism spectrum. I E mailed her Developmental/Genetics Dr about this, what we see, etc and she felt it was likely. The kids had a Psych dr appt 2 days ago, the Dr felt that Julia was having some "autistic tendancies" during the appt, but didn't want to diagnose her as of yet, give this more time and see if these "tendancies" will go away. I thought to myself, well, Geez, she's been here for 9 monthes, not like I was bringing this up a month after we returned. Both of the Dr's suggested ABA therapy, which I have heard can really help kids on the spectrum, which Julia could receive through the school system. The Dr's would give me a script for this, no problem, not sure if school would want the full blown diagnosis of autism. The Psych Dr wants another opinion from the International Adoption/Developmental Dr, as they work together, the other Developmetal Dr does not work at Childrens Hosp. Julia sees the International Adoption/Developmental Dr late June, will also see Neuro in July for the encepalopathy, always something. Other than that, she is having a good day, except starting to get anxious, hovering near the grocery bags like a hawk/vulture. Guess I should get the ball rolling and get her ready for lunch and school. Matt and Ashley are doing great. Life is good.

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  1. Can't believe it has been 9 months wow time flies doesn't it. I thought I would never get out of Ukraine. Would love to see a picture of your little sweetie. They always change so much with love attention and care. Rhonda & Lena