Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I was just looking at a blog where a family had just adopted 2 girls from the same orphanage that Julia was in. the mom took alot of pics from Kharkiv (where we spend a month last summer). She took pics of the orphanage, I showed Julia these pics. Before she walked to the computer, she was babbling to herself in a normal regular voice, tone. She got a look at the pic of the bldg that she lived in before we came along. I wondered if she would have any reaction to the pic, any memories, anything, as she was sedated. She looked at it, started pointing at the pic, started yelling and saying something as I had no idea, maybe Russian for all I know, than backed away really fast. Doesn't seem like good memories to me, if she reacted like that. Than went back to playing with her toys, babbling like normal. Tomorrow, I'm meeting with the Psychologist that will give Julia a neuropsych test, so I can fill him in more. The same Dr has given Ashley and Matt these tests too. Julia will be way more difficult as she is basically non verbal, responds to English so that's good. She can say a few words, but hard to understand if one doesn't know her. I asked him if he was up to the challenge, and he is. We just want to know where she is mentally and developmentally, get a baseline. On thurs have a school meetingfor Julias placement for next school year. There is a school in town where she can get ABA therapy for the autistic tendancies, stay with the SPED teacher she is with now and put Julia in with first graders, so they can model good behavior for her, and try to do ehr work in that class. Obviously she is doing pre school or lower work, but at least she would be in with her peers. What we have deceided is that, I have talked to Matts SPED teacher, who I also really like, and she is more than willing to take Julia into her class, she can do the ABA with her, and the behaviorist that goes into her classrooom also does ABA, I know her also quite well, as she has been helping us with Matts behavior. Matt has done so well this school year, that she wants to have Matt 90-95% inclusion into 3 rd grade. She feels that Julia and Matt can be pretty well seperated due to schedules, and with him having so much inclusion, Julia and he would rarely cross paths in the SPED room. If school feels that Julia isn't ready for a full day, will fight that one too. She is going full day to the summer program for kids with special needs down the street from us, 8:45-3, she will be 8 in Nov. Than we will have to find somewhere she can go all day. Anywho, speaking of Julia, need to get her moving and ready for school.

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