Friday, April 24, 2009

The other day Matty had a Dr appt, and I dropped Ashley off at my moms I asked the ENT Dr if he was taking new pt's, he asked why, and I told him about Ginger, she will be one of his pt's. Matty saw his cardiologist, and started calling his name, and ran to him. I asked him if he would take Ginger as his pt, he said he would. He also stated about children being internationally adopted, and with DS the risk of undiagnosed cardiac defects, I told him we understood this risk, we want her. The Cardiologist, said great, this child will have a nice life He would like to see Ginger ASAP after getting home and situated. Back to my moms after the Dr appt. Since she is south of Boston, and we're north of Boston, rush hour can be a nightmare, so we stayed at her house for dinner. After we got situated at home, went to check my E mail. There was an e mail, with a new picture of Ginger! She's beautiful, dressed mainly in pink, cute light blue spring shoes, a little white head band with a small flower on it. Her pic had really changesd from the RR pic of last summer she looks like she grew also. A few of our friends have commented on how Matty and Ginger look so much alike, not just the DS characterisitics. They're only a few monthes apart as well. As far as our paperwork is concerned, our homestudy has been approved by our caseworker, and the social worker will mail us a few copies that will be notorized by her boss, and can send one copy to USCIS (Immigration), Frank is having his fingerprints redone on tues morning in Boston, 3 documents to be notarized, and a letter of request to the country she is in we will be requesting to travel in June or early July.. I did my first draft of that letter yesterday, and will get input from our caseworker. I looked at apartments on line in the city Ginger is in, can rent daily, some look really nice, 2 bdrms, and some near McD's and TGIF restaurant. A little taste of Americana.

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