Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We had our USCIS (Immigration) fingerprints done yesterday in Boston. We had to be there at 8am. It kind of reminded me of a smaller version of the RMV. They really move people in and out of there quick, were only thee 30 mins. We left quite early sicne we know how Boston traffic can be in the morning. We made it in there in just a little over an hour, miracle. After that we walked over to the Public record division for apostilles on some documents. For those wondering, an apostille is a Mass state seal for required documentation, not just a small town seal, it's gold with a tiny barrett like ribbon that's blue, and threaded through the document. We were really happy becasue we had 6 documents, and a max of 3 per person, awesome. Not, hit a roadblock for the wording for the notary, and the ink that the notary used was very dark blue, but the woman said BLACK INK only, I alsmost started to cry. Our caseworker is changing the wording for us, and start again with that. At least we're only waiting for 2 documents, that is the harder part anyway. I'll go back to Boston ASAP with our new notary letters and get them apotilled, at least we were able to get 2 done. We were home from Boston by 10:30. After that, went to the bank for bank checks for the kids passports, another PITA, if anyone needs birthcertificates for passports, only the paper size ones are accepted, not the small index card size ones we sometimes get. We hustled from our post office, over to Billerica to get a peice of paper size birth certificate and back to the post office, both kids info is on the way. Phew. Did some more errands, after supper, getting the kids bathed, realxed on the couch and watched a Bruins game. Doing more today, have to head over to my Dr office to sign off on a paper for a required blood work for the adoption, and stop by the town assessor office for another form. when I'm stressing over the notary stuff, which I know can and will be resolved, picture Gingers sweet little face, and move on.

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  1. Oh my, I've never heard of not being able to get an apostille on a blue signature... Love it when the country says "blue signatures" and the state says "black signatures"... Praying this gets easier!