Friday, April 10, 2009

Today, Matty, my neice, and I took a trip to the Public Records division. Still wasn't a go for the wording on our notarys for our document to be apostilled. The woman at the desk was the same from tuesday, she just commented on the notary wording, nothing about the color of ink used for the notary stamp. she told me that "there is a bank, a 5 min walk away has a notary with the correct wording, go there and come right back" so off we went. the ntoary asked us where and why we were going, as 2 documents were for passports. I said where and why, and when it was done, asked him how myuch for the notarys, as I wasn't a member of the bank, "no charge, don't worry about it" Yippee! I thanked him alot, off we went back to the Public record division. A differant woman was behind the counter, who was very ncie. She must have heard my neice tell me she was thirsty, becasue she walked away from the counter. I thought something was wrong, but she came back with 3 glasses of water, nice. She than apostilled our needed documents, had a sigh of relief. My neice and Matty were quite well behaved so I took them out to lunch after. Matty wore his cool Boston Bruins hockey shirt, so it was a conversation starter, and between Matty and how the Bruins are playing right now, even cranky people we ran into today, just seemed to smile, also a warm beautiful spring day in Mass.

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  1. I hadn't had notice of any blogs, lucky I took a peek~! so glad things are going well, beautiful weather is rubbing off on people. Praise God ;-)