Sunday, April 19, 2009

Went through the dossier checklist, and realized another apostille is needed, too bad sicne I could have had that document done last week while I was having others done. That's ok, I'll go back to Boston next week when the kids are back to school. The homestudy will be sent to AAC, for their review probably in a few days. Than we will get the originals, send it to USCIS. Beside that, think we only have 3 more documents to be notorized too. Our friends 16yr old daughter wants to go with us, she asked her parents, and would help us with our kids. She has babysat for us numerous times, has a little brother with DS so she is very familiar with that. She is a good, smart, nice young lady, and would like her to come with us too We'll will sit down with her parents this friday I have been friends with her mom for years, and she said it's fine for her daughter to go with us and knows her daughter would be safe with us, her dad wants more info.. Last night, Frank and I went to the Boston Bruins playoff hockey game, and sat behind the penalty box. It was a tighe squeeze with the plexi glass right in front of us, for Frank , sicne he's so tall, he mentions that this would be like the plane trip to Eastern Europe, so that made us pine more for Ginger. I'm praying we'll be heading out in June, still waiting for the kids passports. Can't wait to bring you home beautiful Ginger, hang in there, we love you.

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