Friday, August 7, 2009

Bakc to the journey home: Stopped to get something to eat with Olga and Vadeem (driver) on the way to the airport. Julia loved black olives, ate everything, surprise. the airport was insane, probably becasue it was friday. the line was so long for British air, Olga walked right up front of the line, explained our situation, and a ncie woman with her son let us cut, got our boarding passes, loaded up the suitcase. Olga and I chatted for about 2 mins, said our good byes, sad knowing you will never see these people again, except through pics you have taken. I was chocked up, heard my name, looked over at her waving one last time, tears in my eyes, there was something differant, wved good bye, and bolted for passport control. Must have been 500 people in there, like 5 lanes of traffic, converging into 2. I saw people with kids wedge in towards the front of the line, so I just follwed them, sicne Julia was in a stroller. A ncie man let me cut, had to show her adoption documents, was getting stressed, seemed to take an eternity, but made it, security was easy. Ran to find the flight departure area. Great flights from Kyiv-london, London-Boston thanks to British Air. I cried as usuail when we finally touched down in Boston, US soil, and knew Frank, the kids would be there. Another emotional time finally seeing them. Great to sleep in my own bed, love being home! Julia is doing better, still medicated. Ashley and Matty are amazing. Frank was amazing holding the fort. So far, have registered Julia for kindergarten, she has seen the Pedi, today saw the developmental Dr, next weds is the cardiologist, thurs is ENT, and the 22nd is the appt with the International adoption developmental Dr at Childrens-Boston. She also had a ton of labs done today too. didn't do too badly with that. tomorrow should be a beautiful beach day, where we will be. Life is great, no place like home.

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