Friday, August 7, 2009

Our saga...I marched out of the Embassy rejuvinated, the fog was lifting, the process is over. Julia and I are heading HOME, which was July 31. I saw Olga, and told her, we're all set now, we're done and going home on the flight tomorrow. Finally back to the apt about 4:30pm, just dreaming about home, and reminiscing of from when we arrived in Kyiv to July 31. I organized our suitcase, went to bed early. We were getting picked up at 12:15 to head to the airport. Julia and I went for some short walks near the apt, found the Hyatt hotel, beautiful in there. Hoping to find a newspaper, no gift shop, bummer. All 3 kids are up, guess I'll really type more later.


  1. So you are home? Julia adjust well, and that you are rested and loving life!!!!

  2. I have been away so good to hear you are home?
    how are you all adjusting?
    God bless you all.