Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yesterday it poured rain here, and Julia kept signing "swing" and there is one out in the back yard that she knows is there. We wondered, has she even ever been out in the rain. I got an umbrella, and we went out in the backyard, moved the umbrella away from her, thought she could become annoyed with the rain falling on her, getting wet. Nope, didn't faze her at all, didn't try to wipe the rain off her face or eyes, went to the swing, pushed her in it a few times, she played with some balls that are out in the yard. Only was outside for about 4 mins, had a fit to go back in, crying, flopped to the rug. Other things she has done, makes me thinking she is very hypo sensitive to nearly anything, her sensory system is off, extremely low muscle tone, and living in an orphanage for 6 yrs. She loves to play rough, We give her an old baby brush we found, and she loves to move this up and down her extremities, brings me back to "brushing" through Early Intervention with Matt. She fell in the backyard, where acorns have been falling, fell on one pretty good, becasue I saw the mark it left on her shin, no emotion, she has walked into hard objects, no emotion. The only things that really bother her is food, the obsession, anxiety and panic attacks over it, from cooking it, where she is right under your feet, right next to you wanting to get at the stove, and getting to the table. She needs help and either hand over hand, as she will want to shovel and than have a breakdown becasue the food falls off the spoon or fork. When we go out and she sees us getting our shoes on, goes frantically searching for her sneaks, or will plop down at the front door sobbing. Poor thing, we think maybe she's thinking we're leaving her again, like when our visits at the orphanage we're over and we left, where we were later told she would be hysterical after we had left, and it would usually would take over an hour before she would calm down. The kids start school on tuesday, so it will be just Julia and I from 9-3:15, until she starts kindy, hopefully be in Oct.

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  1. That is interesting about the rain, that she didn’t wipe it away. My son 5yrs he doesn’t’ have Ds. But has sensory issues. Loves the rain as well. Odd isn’t it that if I touch him gently, he flips out he only likes to be firmly hugged never just lightly touched… he has problems with clothes specially new ones, food (will freak out run, cry, sick up at the sight of foods he hasn’t seen before or just ones he doesn’t’ like the look of. Yet there he will be running around in the rain.

    Oh something that helps my son with eating is, if I sit with him on the floor. I sit behind him, wrap my legs around him this gives him some deep pressure. I’m restraining him but NOT holding him down for force feeding I would never do that. He copes better this way, but not always, I wonder if a weighted jacked might help my son, but haven’t’ looked into it as this works for now.
    Sensory issues are hard work and are our biggest battles, I find it really hard someday trying to relate. You sound like your doing great and very understanding. I’ll be praying about school

    Thanks for the update./