Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Julia saw cardiology on Aug 12, NO VSD, NO heart defect!! She was examined first by the cardiac RN, than a Fellow, and than the Attending Dr, who we really respect. After she was checked and had an EKG, the Dr told me, no murmer, heart sounds great, heart rate is normal, pulses are normal, EKG normal. what a relief, sicne we were told she has a VSD (ventricular septal defect, hole between the 2 bottom chambers of the heart). The cardiologist did not see any reason to see him any time soon unless we needed him,. He is also Matt cardiologist, took a look at him, listened, despite not having an appt, and said he is doing so well from a cardiology stand point, Dr said no reason for Matt to see him any time soon, but isn't taking both kids off the cardiology service. Julia and I are going to the International Adoption clinic this saturday. I will ask this Dr to consult with the Psych Dr about meds for Julia. We don't have much left from Ukraine, and DO NOT want to have her go cold turkey as in July. Matt has been on 7 differant psych meds, so we are familiar with the side effects as Matt had with all but one. She will be seeing ENT, Childrens Hosp dentistry, Ortho, GI, Opthamology, Nephrology. I sent her history and consents to the SPED Dept yesterday for evals for school. Mattys took a while as I had loads of reports and knew his history when I filled out his school papers. Julias was easy, "unsure, unknown, and getting medical evalusation currently" were most of the answers. Guess I should get moving, get the kids ready for a beautiful New England summer beach day.

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