Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yesterday was great, our first day trip to the beach in about 6 wks. A beautiful day, light breeze, blue sky, warm. Ashley and Matt like the beach, it's nothing new to them. We hoped Julia would like it too. When her feet first touched the ocean water she was a little stunned, than plopped down at the waters edge and didn not want to get out. think she just thinks water is for bathing, and nothing else. She really doesn't play in it (yet), but with wet hands she will wash her face and arms. After a few mins she was shivering, and we just had to pick her up from the water. She liked to play in the wam sand, sensory and low muscle tone, was good for her. Matt refused to go in, he on the other hand isn't a fan of beach sand, some days can be a handful to get him to walk in it. Ashley likes the beach, and can burn off energy there. We left at 6pm, and figured just stop somewhere and get something to eat, too late by the time we got home to cook. The 3 kids did well in the restaurant, Julias first time to a restaurant, something we take for granted here. By the time er got home, the kids woke up, had baths and to bed. Julia did well at the Developmental-Genetic Dr appt this past fri, she was mostly concerned with Julias right side weakness, and feel we should get Neuro on board as well. They will set up the Ortho appt, I will search for a Neephrologist (kidney) Dr, make her an eye, dental, appts too. I can't belive school for Ashley and Matt is 3 wks away.

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  1. Congratulations on your adoption, I know coming home after the time spent away takes some gettign used to, I am thrilled for your family!


    Adopted KAra from Ukraine adn Amanda from Estonia