Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yesterday was a busy one. Julia and I were out of the house by 7:45am, heading to the International Adoption clinic appt at childrens-Boston. Getting there during the week can take so long with rush hour, somedays can be nearly 2 hrs, to go about 27 miles. Yesterday, no traffic, was 35 mins. The Dr was great. she has traveled numerous times to Ukrainian orphanages, hadn't been to Julias city, but understood completly about how I felt. sicne she has seen and taking care of the children herself at the orphanages. She felt Julia is doing well, has potential, despite her significant delays. We talked about everything medical involved, was glad that we have set up all of Julias appts, getting her into kindergarten, etc. We talked a while about the behavior, meds for Julia, and her inability to regulate herself. She will be starting a new med for this, Matty is on the same, so we know what took for regarding side effects. The Dr will be consulting with the Psych Dr. In th end, she gave me her card, pager #, don't hesitate to call her over the weekend if we need anything, and keep in touch becasue she wants to know how things are going, and will see Julia in 6 monthes. Left there feeling pretty good about that appt. I liked this Dr alot. After that we came home, Franks paernts were here for a visit, kids were happy to see their grandparents. We left about 2:45 to go to our friends sons b'day. the kids had a ball! they rented a bouncy house, had a water slide to a small pool at the bottom, and my friends husband blew up small baby pool for Julia, where she spent most of her time. As soon as Julia spotted the food table, she kept trying to get there, gave her snacks, but seems she was having panic attacks over it and kept trying to get to the table for about 40 mins, crying, having small tantrums. I finally distracted her. Later she had pizza, and probably her first peice of b'day cake, she was thrilled over that. Just wanted to shovel it, was smeared around her mouth, wonder if she would try to eat the paper plate it was on too. Ashley and Matt were to busy on the bouncey house and the water slide so I could keep an eye on Julia eating. The kids were wiped by the time we got home, just what I was hoping for.

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