Thursday, November 5, 2009

I just thought to myself, wow, Julias tonsiladnoidectomy is a week from tomorrow. Maybe than she will be able to breathe better, sleep better and hep get rid of the black circles under her eyes. The Dr told me that her tonsils are extremely large. I learned my lesson of taking Matt home one day after his T&A, just see how she is doing after, but are definativly staying one night in ICU post op, which is fine. ENT said we could stay as long as I felt comfortable to leave with her, and of course, how Julia is doing. When Matt had his out, ENT wrote orders about how I preferd things to go for Matt, and could stay as long as we felt neccasary. Great to have such an awesome Dr on our side. I remember when I asked him if he was taking new pt's before we even traveled to get Julia, he said he wasn't, asked why, and than said as a favor to me he would take her. Anywho, Matt went to Childrens-boston dentist yesterday, seems my charming fellow is in need of OR dental work too. He has severe crowding of his teeth, and no baby teeth are loose, so some may have to be removed to make way for adult teeth. Insurance will love them, they may need to stay in ICU post dental surgery, he with his cardiac status, and her rotten, decaying, plague, cavity filled teeth extensive work. Ashley has nice teeth, and a regular kid dentist office. Ashley had her IEP meeting this morning, that Frank went to, his first school meeting. I'll go to Matts next week. Have to go get one of Ashleys friends a b'day present for a party on saturday. We are going to a Radio disney show, sponsored by the Boston Bruins and childrens-Boston cardioogy for a few hrs saturday, and Ashleys has a party. Guess hit the road, Julia is all ready fidgeting with ehr coat and getting annoyed sicne she is having trouble with it.

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