Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Julia has been quite miserable since saturday. I realize she is hurting from her tonsils out, mad sicne she can't have the crunchy food she likes. She has once again regressed to hitting herself on the head with a an open hand, or punching herself in the head, tantrums lasting for over an hour, crying, screaming, stomping her feet, hitting her head into the furniture pillows, throwing herself at the couch, only once she did try to bang her head into the floor. Goes off an on through out the day. After her recovery from tonsils, if this behavior continues, we will be asking the Psych Dr if she should go back on the med for the morning. She has also been drooling alot, her gait seems to be off some, ? finding a neurologist, as suggested by 3 Dr's. always something!! Now Julia and I are going to go get Matt gluten free donuts.


  1. Bless her little heart! I can't imagine what her life was like being at the orphanage for so long. She probably doesn't understand all these appointments lately.:( I'm so happy that you brought her home though, she is so CUTE and I'm sure will continue to blossom in your family.

  2. Katie - sorry Ive been so out of touch. Hubby has been gone again and its been crazy.It was good to get caught up on your blog.

    Thank you for allllll you are doing for Julia. You are on a hard road. I will be praying for both her and you. Dont you love those moments like you had at the University when the Lord gives you a glimpse of how amazing it is to have given a child a new life.

    Thinking of you. :)