Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Julia and I went to the Psych Dr at Childrens-Boston this morning. He felt that Julia has done so well with transitioning to her new life, picking up signs, going to school, he wants to get her off one dose of risperdal, so she will just have it t night. Hopefullywith this med to help her sleep better, and the tonsils-adnoids coming out to hopfully eradicate snoring and apnea, may help her behavior as she won't be so tired. Another good appt. We also ran into the Developmental-international adoption Dr that was a wonderful help to us last summer when Julia was in crisis upon her arrival, getting meds evaluated for her etc, she thought that Julia was doing great too. We had some time to waste between the psyche appt and pre op, so we went for a walk. Harvard Med school is 2 bldgs over from the hospital, and they have a pretty campus. Last year at this time, whoever would have thought little orphan Julia would be walking through the campus of famous Harvard Medical School with a mom. Off to go get Matt from school, and take him for an eye appt at a Childrens Hosp-satellite. Psych felt that Julia was doing well, he feels that she will be talking well by the time she's 9. On the road again.

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