Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thurs afternoon after dropping Julia off at school, I went to the store to stock up on popsicles, ice cream, juice, lemonade, etc as fri she was going to have her tonsils-adnoids out, and maybe ear tubes if needed after her impacted ear wax removal. I felt bad for Julia fri morning, as she couldn't eat or drink, except a tiny amount of grapejuice for prevacid (reflux). She was beside herself trying her hardest to steal her siblings breakfast and their glasses. They were good, trying to hide that they were eating before school. She was screaming, crying, hitting her thighs with her hands, tantrums galore. She just didn't understand. Couldn't get her out of the kitchen, like a boomerang, and would be stnding directly behind you, standing in front of the ;frig screaming, hitting it too. So when it was time for Matt to go to school, packed him and Julia up, dropped him off, and she and I headed to Childrens Hosp. She was fine, until we got into the lobby, bagan signing frantically "all done" screaming, hitting her thighs with her hands. It's one of the few places where no one stares at you when your kid is losing their mind and having a breakdown/meltdown. We checked in to pre op, and went to the Entertainment center to play one of the 2 80's pac man machines to play the game. She loves the sounds, and sights of this game, she colored, looked at a few books. Lasted for about 7 mins, than hysteria for about an hour until we went to the OR holding area. The Anesthesiaologist loved Julia, he held her, rocked her in a chair, played a Dora toy with her, walked with her around the waiting area. He was so nice to her, the nurses doted on her too. All the Dr's and nurses were so interested in Julias story, and I told them to go on RR and check out the adorable kids on there. So after all was signed, and I carried her into the OR, was with her until she fell asleep from the gas I left her in awesome capeable hands of the team taking care of her, and the wonderful ENT Dr. Walked out to the parking garage, got our bag for the night in ICU, and a sandwich, I was hungry too, but I couldn't eat or drink in front of Julia, that would be cruel. Back up to the family waiting area. ENT Dr came out an hour later, as he said he would, we chatted, and he said Julia did very well, cleaned out her ears, NO FLUID, NO TUBES. she came out of anesthesia very well. I saw her about 15 mins later, she was wide awake, not freaking out, still a little out of it. She began drinking about 45 mins later, never looked back. UP in ICU, she chowed on jello, numerous popsicles, alot of juice, in the evening had scrambled eggs, cold mashed potatoes. We ended up in cardiac ICU, as that was the only available spot in any of the ICU's. We walked around the floor alot, the staff loved her, asked about her, told her story, one nurse had tears in her eyes, told them to go on RR and check out the kids. The staff loved her, doted on her. We came home yesterday afternoon, and she still is doing well. She hasn't snored loudly when we have checked on her. Maybe some decent, uninterrupted sleep from having her tonsils out will help with her behavior a little, time will tell I guess. this morning, she is herself, panicking in the kitchen, glaring at the 'frig, etc. Next major OR procedure will be her dental work, cross that bridge when we get there.

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