Sunday, November 22, 2009

Julia has done a little bit of regression this week. She has taken off her pants and pull up and squatted and urinated on the floor, at least it wasn't the furniture, on the laminated floor. She wasn't too happy, since we had her clean up her own mess. She is not toilet trained, and this is what she would do at the orphanage, stop where she was, urinates on herself and than move on her way. We thought we were making some preogress, as she had either stood in front of the bathroom door, make some sound to get our attention and we would bring her to the toilet, made the sign for toilet and we would praise her alot and bring her to the bathroom. hopefully this will turn around this week. She will NOT drink out of any cup, she used a sippy, or we would help her with a regular cup. We had used an oral syringe to fill up with juice after her tonsils-adnoids out as to keep her hydrated, since she refused to drink. This is her new mode of drinking, from the syrnige. She will become dehydrated if we don't. She throws a major fit if we even show her any sippy, or regular cup, or glass. She just opens her mouth ike a bird. She loves lemonade, so today we will let her try it again, diluted with 1/2 water. We were told, any citrus juice hold off on, for at least 10 days, been 9 days post op, we'll give it a try. Let her get a taste, and maybe today she will use a cup. She has also been wanting to be fed, and than signs "eat" frantically, but won't pick up the fork, and than has a tantrum. She is able to feed herself, may need a little help here and there. A few times we have caught her just doing a face plant into a plate like our dog would do, nope, and there is another fit. Maybe she is imatating the dog? She has gone back to the begging for food as well, she begs more than the dog. Thought her food issues were finally starting to ease up, back again. Maybe it's still the throat hurting, she can't tell us, maybe this is why she is acting up? Today is the 9th day post op, see what today will bring. We are all going to a benefit hockey game for Mass DS Congress vs The Boston Bruins Alumni. Hopefully Julia won't lose her mind there and maybe actually enjoy herself. As I said, today is another day.

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