Friday, January 8, 2010

Another week of school is over. I returned the call to our SPED district person regarding Julia going to school all day, left a message, playing a little bit of phone tage. He said he is working on getting Matt the FM hearing devices that the Audiologist and ENT Dr have reccomended for his 2nd grade class, due to Mattys bilateral mild hearing loss. I called our awesome Audiologist and she will call the SPED person on tuesday with her reccomendations. I forgot to mention that last tuesday I got a call from the Genesis fund, they support the kids Genetics Dr office and their employees, and other things they do to keep things afloat there. The events manager and told me that Papa Gino's (a huge pizza-and other foods) chain is putting together a coupon book, and some of the proceeds will go to the Genesis fund, and could they use a picture that they have of Matt and I from an event a few yrs ago on the cover. I really like this pic, it's Matt and I face to face, nose to nore. The same pic that they put on their brochure. so, Matt and I are going to be on the cover of the coupon book, with a few other pics, across New England, cool. Matt has done alot, he has dropped a puck to start a Boston Bruins alumni charity game, have met Ken Hodge (local hockey legend from the 70's Bruins that Matt thinks is great), he had a pic taken of him at Fenway Park (where the Red Sox play baseball) on a commerical on local TV channels for a golf event, we have gone to Fenway Park a few times, and have been able to take the field, he was in a Boston newspaper for a holiday story a few yrs ago. Speaking of the kids...for the past almost 4 yrs, we have been involved in a program through Boston Univ med school where 2 students come out to your home, learn about the kids med issues, and realize that our life is more normal than not, teach them about kids with disabilities, what we hope to teach them so when they go into practice they will see these kids in a differant light, and their parents. Matt sure can tell one what his issues are, what EKG's are, stethascope-otoscope used for, Celiac disease and why he has to be gluten free, why he's on prevacid, about his knees being dislocated, why he uses orthotics etc...etc. He'll be a good teacher to these young Dr's to be.

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