Sunday, January 17, 2010

We are in for an exciting night on thurs, Jan 21. We received an E mail from the Mass chapter of the American Heart family of kids with congenital heart disease. the E mail asked for a short story about kids with CHD that love the Boston Bruins hockey team, play hockey, and a ncie story about hockey and your child. Matty is a HUGE fan of the Bruins, so I sent in a little story about Matty, he watches the Bruins, doesn't like to miss a game on TV, starting to learn the players names, DS and his heart, where it was repaired, etc. This woman sent me an E mail stating that this coming thurs Bruins game is "healthy heart night", and would Matt like to "high five" the Bruins as they step onto the ice to start the game! I told him, and he is thrilled!! He started yelling "Go Bruins!". We are a family that are Bruins fans too, so we are very excited. My sister will take Julia, as she would not tolerate having to sit in her seat, over stimulated, probably cry and /or scream, say "aw dah" (all done") about every 30 seconds, like taking a toddler to a hockey game. So, my sis will take Julia, and we will take her 11 yr old daughter, and she and Ashley and Matt get along really well. My neice is also a huge Bruins fan, will tell her today that she is coming with us. As for Julia, she found a plastic spoon somewhere, and will not part with it. she is still in panic attack mode over food. She has begun walking with her heels off the floor, not way up, just the heels about 1/2" off the floor, and I noticed some staring episodes yesterday, only a few seconds, no thrashing, no twitching, just blank. but said her name about 3-4x before she looked at me, and I was about 4" from her face. I think I'm going to make an appt with the Eye Dr for her, as she saw the Optometrist last time, and she couldn't figure out tge script Julia needs for glasses, as Julia was fighting, screaming, hitting, kicking. Maybe he would have better luck, but he could possibly be in India right now at a clinic for the poor, but making an appt won't hurt. Guess I should really look up a Neurologist from Childrens. Get the kiddies some breakfast.

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  1. Wow! How awesome...hope your son has a great night "high fiving" those Bruins!