Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Matt had a Psych Dr appt at Childrens hosp, had to take Julia as there is no one that could stay with her. I asked the Dr about the possibility of Julia having ADHD after describing her perpetual motion nearly 24/7, wanting to run non stop, her attention span is so-so, unless it's something that reallt is of interest to her, other than her insane obcession with food. We feel she does, see what the Dr says about he next appt. The Dr feels that we should get the school behaviorist back on board, as he has had some regression and other behavior issues. This way we, can school can all be on the same page. The school behaviorist is great, she has helped us alot before. Both kids behaved well, had Julia in the stroller, as she listens less than Matt, and will try to run anywhere, she's smaller than he is, so it works. We stopped at GI to make sure that Julia had the appt with the hepatologist this month, ran into the kids GI Dr, his comment made me feel so good, "you have been through so much with your kids, it's not going to be easy with the Hep C treatments, but I know you can do this, you're so strong, smart, and can take care of her through what needs to be done, you're amazing" I felt a lump in my throat. After that, I swore I heard my name, we ran into Julias nephrologist (kidney) Dr in the lobby, . She's so nice. Will just have to monitor Julias blood pressure, and the size of her kidneys, as they are small. I was surprised she remembered Matts name, we only saw her once. She told me "I'm really good friends with Maureen (liver Dr), and if something comes up and you need me during Julias treatments, don'hesitate to let me know I;ll come by the clinic" Feel like I was talking to a friend, not just one of Julias Dr's. Matt chimes in, "you're pretty" She told Matt he was handsome. He was speechless, which belive me, doesn't happen hardly, if ever. Dropped Matt off at school, and got Julia lunch and took her to school. Tried to get the van oil changed, but the line was long, go after I drop Matt off at school tomorrow. Call the dental clinic too. should have stopped there this morning while at the hospital, oh well.


  1. Katie, You have been through so much with Julia, as I have been reading your blog since bringing her home. So let me say, I so admire you and how you have handled it all with such grace and strength! Julia is so blessed to have you as her mama!

    Blessings, Paula

  2. Katie, I couldn't agree with Paula more!! Thanks for taking time to update us. As the new year has begun I have been thinking about all my families and been trying to take some time to catch up. I will be praying Frank finds a job very soon. Take care and you really are a great Mom!!!

  3. Oh you guys, thanks, now I'm teary.