Thursday, January 21, 2010

Tonite is the Bruins game, Matt is so excited! Julias appt went well yesterday. I was really stunned about her height and weight growth. sicne coming home July 31, '09, she has grown 4" and gained 4 lbs! She does not even look like the little mal nourished, tiny, sickly, barely able to walk child of last summer. Her hair has doubled in length too, can actually put it up now. As for the plan of action for her treatment for Hep C, I only have to inject interferron into her thigh once a day, which will be in the evening when Frank is home to hold her down, and than she goes to bed at 7:30, which is shortly after he gets home, she can try to sleep away side effects, if she has them. She will be taking another med, ribovarin 2x day in liguid form. She will get labs drawn once a month, monitor heigh & weight, side effects. The RN is calling our insurance to get this approved, and she said our company has never turned them down for Hep C meds, she will be in touch in the next 2 wks, Julia and I will go back to Childrens, with her meds, and they will teach me more, I will inject Julia with the precense of her new Hep C RN's, and go from there. This will be a 6 month treatment plan, and monitor this very closely. I'll be praying that she will have awesome labs, and get this crappy contagious liver disease slowed down, and hopefully eradicated. I thought Hep C was always there, can slow down the progression of this. The RN told me that so much research is being done on Hep C that this combo of drugs can possibly eradicate the virus. Julias labs will have alot to show if this will work. All we can do is try. I have been wondering lately regarding Julias drinking fluids, and urination output. She wants to drink ALOT, she sucks back about 8 0z in about 3 mins, and than hands me her cup and signs "more", she would be asking for about 4 cups (8 oz) about every 15 mins, and than have a saturated pull up in about 60-90 mins, than a freinds calls and says her son was doing the same thing, he also has DS, and was diagnosed with diabetes. I mentioned this to the Dr yesterday, and she looked up Julias last glucose, and felt it was low, and asked if it was the day of her T & A, and was she NPO (nothing by mouth), so we opted to do a urine test for her blood sugar, see what's the deal with that. Also we will have to keep more of an eye on Julias Iron levels, as she is anemic too while on her HEP C treatment journey.

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